US capitol incident: “Nothing will stop us,” tweeted woman before she was shot dead at capitol; she was US Air Force veteran

US capitol incident: The Trump supporter who was killed in police firing during the riots at the US Capitol on Thursday (IST) had tweeted hours before the riots and said “nothing will stop us”. The woman has been identified by the local media as ‘Ashli Babbit’ who is known as a veteran Trump supporter and was constantly tweeting about the Capitol riots.

In a tweet hours before the riots in Washington DC began on Thursday, the woman tweeted, “Nothing will stop us….they can try and try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours….dark to light! (sic)”

'Nothing Will Stop Us,' Tweeted Woman Before She Was Shot Dead At Capitol

One of the four casualties was a woman, who was shot at by police and died in hospital later. The remaining three people – one woman and two men – died of “medical emergencies” near Capitol grounds during the violent storming of the US Capitol, said Washington DC’s Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Contee in a media briefing.

TV channel Fox 5 reported Babbitt owned a business in San Diego with her husband, who did not come with her to Washington. “I really don’t know why she decided to do this,” her mother-in-law reportedly told the station.

US Capitol violence

In an unprecedented assault on the US Congress, hundreds of Trump’s supporters on Wednesday attempted to break their way through the door of the House of Representatives chamber.  

Unable to digest the defeat of Donald Trump, his supporters sieged the Capitol building, a symbol of US democracy, as the Congress opened a joint session to certify Joe Biden as the Presidential Election winner.

As per Metropolitan Police Department chief Robert Contee, the US Police have arrested 52 people in connection with the US Capitol chaos. He added that 14 police officials were injured in the incident.

He further revealed that two pipe bombs had been discovered near the Capitol. Also, a vehicle was found parked on Capitol grounds with a long gun and Molotov cocktails inside.

Meanwhile, Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser has announced that the city’s state of emergency would be extended for 15 days. “I know that I speak for all of us when I say that we saw an unprecedented attack on our American democracy incited by the United States President, and he must be held accountable,” said Bowser.

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