Pakistanis Are Trending #boycottindianproducts : Only Axing His Leg

On Wednesday i:e today the morning news came from twitter and that too is from the cross border.People of  Pakistan today are trending #boycottindianproducts on twitter. More than 40k tweets are already in this trend. This is due to support kashmiris people from india according to pakistan peoples. Many People from both sides are now giving opinion over this.


These are Few Items Which India Export To Pakistan :
  • Cotton:18%
  • Organic chemicals:15%
  • Edible vegetables and certain roots and tubers:9%
  • Plastics Articles:7%
  • Tanning or dyeing extracts:6%
  • Ships, boats and floating structures:6%
  • Machinery & Mechanical Appliances:4%
  • Oil seeds and Oleaginous Fruits:4%
  • Rubber Articles:4%
  • Miscellaneous chemical products:4%

Others include Man-made staple fibresIron and steel Man-made filaments Pharmaceutical products Coffee, tea, and Spices Essential, Perfumery, Cosmetic or Toilet Preparations Soap, organic surface-active agents and washing preparations Aluminium Articles Mineral fuels Dairy and Poultry produce Animal or vegetable Oil.  By boycott indian products pakistan just downgrade their economy.

What you think Can pakistan is in the condition to boycott these products as their economy is already under stress.  #boycottindianproducts campaign on twitter are already becoming national news.

Lets See Some Of Those Tweets:

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