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Seven Years in Tibet (Tibet) – 1997 (Netflix):

Real-Life movies | Seven Years in Tibet

One of the most interesting historical adventure films on Netflix is Seven Years in Tibet. It is based on the adventure of Austrian climber Heinrich Harrer, portrayed by Brad Pitt, during World War II in the 1940s. Watching this film is justified by the stark beauty of Tibetan culture and Buddhism. The incredible account of the events that took place during the Chinese conquest of Tibet in Seven Years in Tibet is still not well known.

Heinrich flees from a POW camp in India to Tibet after being captured by Imperial English soldiers in India while climbing in the Himalayas. He finally travels to Lhasa, a sacred place that the film compares to the Buddhist Mecca and home of the Dalai Lama when he was still a little kid.

The two begin dating, and Heinrich spends many years (well, 7 to be exact) in Tibet, living through the conclusion of World War II and China’s subsequent invasion. Although slightly exaggerated, the dispute between China and Tibet still exists today, which is why the Dalai Lama now resides in India, not Tibet.

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The Red Sea Diving Resort (Sudan):

real-life movies | The Red Sea 

The Red Sea Diving Resort, a moving but little-known historical travel film on Netflix, is based on actual events in Ethiopia and Sudan between 1979 and 1984. (made for Netflix). The Mossad, Israel’s intelligence service, is profiled in it. Their primary goal is to assist in the flight of the persecuted Ethiopian Jews through Sudan from a country racked by civil conflict.


One night in Miami 2020 (Amazon prime):

real-life movies | One Night In Miami

A meeting involving Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Sam Cooke, and Malcolm X took place the night Ali won the world championship and declared himself a Muslim in this historically accurate stage play.

And here’s the thing—despite several film depictions of Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, none of them have been given this subtlety. They frequently have tense interactions with one another, and it’s clear from their behavior toward their faith that they don’t always feel confident in it and occasionally lapse into disbelief.

Jim Brown feels nervous about his acting; Sam Cooke wishes he had written a Bob Dylan song, and Ali sneaks alcohol into Malcolm’s house without Malcolm’s knowledge. Malcolm is accused of colorism and being preoccupied with popularity.

Honey Boy ((Amazon prime):

Honey Boy

This narrative, based on the life of actor Shia Laboeuf, has tremendous force. He was a little child when he traveled with his father when Even Stevens and other parts that would make him famous were filmed. His father was a war veteran who attended AA meetings for motorcyclists and had a brief acting career of his own. He was enraged, which eventually caused Laboeuf to develop PTSD, which he could detect intriguingly.

Putting Laboeuf’s notoriety aside, this outstanding film about emotionally abusive parent-child interactions is a masterpiece. It’s a worldwide tale. Lucas Hedges plays the present-day Laboeuf, with Shia Laboeuf playing his father.

Mission Mangal (Hotstar):

real-life movies | Mission Mangal Watching space movies must be exciting and entertaining, right? Mission Mangal’s story centers on a team of scientists whose main objective is to complete the Mars orbiter mission. They put in long hours to come up with a group of ideas and input, and they are so preoccupied with their job that they don’t think about their personal life. Mission Mangal, one of the top movies on Disney+ Hotstar, is currently available for viewing. Fasten your seatbelts.

M.S.Dhoni (Hotstar):

M S Dhoni

Who doesn’t appreciate MS Dhoni is the next entry on the list of the top movies on Disney+ Hotstar? The story of MS Dhoni’s early years and challenges before becoming a well-known cricketer is told in this movie. He had wanted to work for the Indian Railways like his father, but fate had other ideas.

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