Samsung Galaxy Note 10:Launch Date,Price And what To Expect

A new report claims that the samsung galaxy Note 10 series will launch in India on August 20 and will go on sale starting August 22, although Samsung is yet to confirm this officially.

Samsung galaxy note 10

For the first time ever, Samsung is launching three phones in the same Note generation. We are fairly certain at this point that the Korean tech giant is looking to release a vanilla samsung Galaxy note 10 version, a plus-sized model and a 5G-capable variant for some markets.

Samsung uses its Galaxy Note line to show off the best it has to offer, making it a consistently great choice for power users. Not only that, it’s still one of the only smartphone options if you want a built-in stylus experience.

Unlike the Galaxy S10 5G, however, the 5G Note10 will seemingly be identical to Plus model instead of having different screen and cameras.

According to all leaked images, the back design has gone through some major changes. The camera arrangement changes from horizontal to vertical and moves from the center to the corner.

We can expect the updated version, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+, to power up the devices in some markets while the still unannounced Exynos 9825 chipset to will sit behind the wheel for the rest of the countries. Screen sizes are 6.3″ for the standard Note10 and 6.8″ panel for the Note10+. Dynamic AMOLEDs should be the main order of the day with QHD+ resolution to boot.

The Bixby button is gone, but so is the 3.5mm audio jack.

How to watch the event-You’ll be able to watch the entire event online. We hope to embed the stream here once it becomes available.

Other ways you can experience the unveiling:

What’sThe Timings:

  • San Francisco: 1pm on Aug. 7
  • New York: 4pm on Aug. 7
  • London: 9pm on Aug. 7
  • Paris 10pm on Aug. 7
  • Cape Town: 10pm on Aug. 7
  • Berlin: 10:30pm on Aug. 7 
  • Rome: 10:30pm on Aug. 7
  • Moscow: 11pm on Aug. 7
  • Tokyo: 5am on Aug. 8
  • Hong Kong: 4am on Aug. 8
  • Beijing: 4am on Aug. 8
  • Sydney: 6am on Aug. 8
  • DELHI: 1am on aug. 8

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