Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi): History, Significance and Shubh Muhrat

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  1. sundar says:

    The original occurrence was that when the Alexader the Great, The Greek Warrior fought with Purushotam (known in English as Porus)
    on the Bank of the Jeelam River. As because of the Alexander a Great Warrior, he defeated Porus in all the days of wars on Jeelam River bank continuously. Many soldiers were massacred in the war on the part of Porus. and less human loss at the side of Alexander.
    Porus’s wife who was at the Jeelkam River Bank along with her husband Porus to chart out the next plan of action, as because many human losses took place at Porus massively. The Wife of Porusz made a strategic plan to meet the Great alexander at his tent because Alexander’s wife was also in the tent. She went with a Bulk of Silk Threads detached from the costliest saree, she had at that time, in order to tie it on the wrist of Alexander . which gives a clear meaning that The Alexander is HER Blood Born Brother and She is vice-versa. That means it is the duty of the Brother whether Elder or Younger, the Brother has to protect the Sister under any circumstances, whatever it may be crucial. By observing this unanticipated occurrence at the tent of Alexander, he was greatly shocked and puzzled and became motionless and spellbound. Mrs. Alexander who was present on the scene offered KUMKUM and CHENDOOR on the palm of Mrs. Porus and she asked Mrs. Porus to put the Tilak on Alexander’s forehead. It was also expected that the Brother has to offer a Gift to the sister in cash or in kind. At that time, Alexander did not have cash or kind except the weapons used in the war. When Alexander became very spellbound, he asked her what she wanted to give a gift to her because he did not have any valuables at that time, same as Porus. Mrs. Porus requested Alexander that not to give her any valuables, but to stop the war immediately so that Porus could be brought back to life and she could lead a happy life and all other remaining soldiers who are alive are also to be happy because all the wives of Porus Soldiers are Alexander’s Sisters and all the Soldiers of Alexander are Sisters of Porus. The war was ended with a great human loss earlier and it was [put an end now with the strategic thinking and implementation. This I read in a Journal published from Dubai a decade ago, which I have shared here. With thanks. happy Raksha Bandhan. to all Sisters and Brothers.. Aristotle PG College, Hyderabad. TS

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