Quick Healthy Meal Recipes

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a phrase that has been used for ages, but has anybody wondered that why is it said so? The reason here is it contains a sufficient amount of nutrient a body needs on a regular basis. Well, but nobody can stay alive just by eating an apple. If you are a foodie person but are trying to cut down the amount of fat intake in your daily meals, then here are some of the best options you can try out. Following are some quick healthy meal recipes:

  1. Poha

Poha is one of the healthiest things one can add to a diet. It contains fiber, carbs and if you add veggies to it then you get vitamins too. It contains a sufficient amount of calories that is just the minimum requirement of the body. All you need to is add some oil to a pan, add in some nuts and some onions, chili if required, add in your veggies and sauté till cooked, then finally add in the poha and water and stir till cooked! And Voila! You’re ready with your meal in 15 minutes!



  1. Besan ka Cheela

For the preparation of cheela, take 100 grams of besan, cut up some onions, tomatoes and chili for flavor. Make it into a batter similar to the batter of a dosa. Add some oil to a shallow pan and throw in some batter, spread it until you get a not so thick surface of it, flip it over like a chapatti and you’re done with your healthy meal here.



  1. Broccoli Feta Omelet with Toast

Broccoli is an amazing source of vitamin C and Dietary fiber. By adding this to your daily meal you are adding one of the world’s healthiest foods to your daily diet that will help you eliminate the risk of having cancer and also will balance your cholesterol level. All you need to do is make a regular omelet and instead of adding onions to it, add broccoli. Toast acts as a side dish here.



You can add smoothies prepared of fruits and curd to your breakfast, you can have fruits in your free time rather than having oily fries or potato chips. Maintaining a balanced diet is the easiest way to reduce weight and helps in living a healthy life. The quick healthy meal recipes mentioned above are strictly based on nutrient facts and are very easy to prepare.

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