PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 Update Goes Live: Check new features

After being in the hype for quite a while, PUBG MOBILE’s 0.10.5 update has finally been rolled out for Android and iOS users. The update brings a considerable amount of changes to the game in form of new weapons and gameplay improvements. The 0.10.5 update also brings the Royal Pass season 5 along with a new Ranked Mode. The update is rolling out in phases across the world and if you haven’t got it yet, the update should hit your device soon.

The new 0.10.5 update brings in small but meaningful changes as well as new additions to the game. Sadly, the highly-anticipated zombie mode is still nowhere to be seen on the final build. This indicates that Tencent Games could be bringing in the zombie mode in one of the later builds as speculated possibly the next 0.11.0 update. The update also brings the new Mk47 rifle to the game. Players can use the weapon in all the maps Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi.


Tencent Games has released an official changelog on its Twitter handle, listing down all the major changes that 0.10.5 brings to the table.

  • The Mk47 weapon is now added to the game and is available for use on all maps.
  • The Laser Sight attachment has now also been added.
  • Vikendi is now available when creating custom rooms
  • The “Classic” voice is back in PUBG MOBILE
  • 0.10.5 also brings Royale Pass and Ranked Mode Season 5
  • Vikendi’s loot has been tuned
  • The shop has also been adjusted

There were a couple of features that were expected to make an appearance with this 0.10.5 update, but haven’t made it yet.

–The zombie mode hasn’t made its way to the final build. The previous build hinted at zombie props in several parts of the Erangel map.

–Erangel and Sanhok were expected to get the dynamic weather update. This would make the gameplay exciting as intense battles would experience a change in weather from a sunny sky to rainy weather.

The 0.10.5 update rollout has begun and if you haven’t received it, keep looking for the update while opening the game. The update roughly weighs around 190MB and will be downloaded in-game.

PUBG MOBILE’s zombies will come in January 2019

In a separate tweet, the developers reached out to the players stating future content additions to the game. “In order to celebrate the highly anticipated Resident Evil 2 coming out on January 25, we are celebrating now with Duos event! We look forward to the full release of the collaboration content later this month and can’t wait to share more with you! @RE_Games,” read the tweet.

Resident Evil 2 is one of the highly anticipated games for those who love the idea of hunting down zombies. Tencent Games announced its collaboration with RE Games a few months ago for bringing Resident Evil stuff to PUBG MOBILE. Several players have been reported zombie sighting across the Erangel map for a while. There are certain areas where live zombie props can be seen.

The zombie mode is already live on the PC version of PUBG. The gameplay mode here makes it compulsory for most players to play as zombies and try to kill a small number of players armed with weapons, who are on to hunt down zombies. It remains to be seen how the zombie mode in PUBG MOBILE will fair out. Considering the technical limitations, it seems that Tencent could bring a simple arcade-style zombie shooter mode.

The new zombie mode could either come to the game in the form of a server-side update or a major APK overhaul. The current update, version 0.10.5, brings some improvements to the loot distribution in Vikendi as well as a new weapon. The Royal Pass season 5 is also live on the servers. The update also brings the new Mk47 rifle to the game. Players can use the weapon in all the maps Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi.


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