Proxgy : The new normal is here. Be Everywhere!

Ever wondered what would you do if you could be everywhere, anytime? Launched during the Coronavirus pandemic, Proxgy, enables its users to book a real-world human avatar and navigate the world through that avatar while sitting at home.

Proxgy aims to change the way people navigate through their daily outdoor tasks by using Proxgy through the an app. Proxgy uses patent-pending technologies to provide live video and audio stream to users via a helmet which has a 360 degree rotatable camera mounted on top. The camera access is controlled by the user via a joystick within the app.

Users get a link to an instant ride-hailing way to their Proxgy through one way video and two-way audio. Proxgy is using a full 360-degree rotation camera on its Proxgy smart helmets. They also come with 3D video options, one to multiple broadcasting abilities, VR head controller camera movements. Users can book it for shopping, virtual travel, care for elderlies, viewing real estate, KYC, and car services.

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