PewDiePie Hits 100 Million Subscribers : YouTube Pays Him Tribute

YouTube has created a short congratulatory video to celebrate his impressive achievement.

Swedish YouTuber, self-proclaimed comedian, game streamer, and controversy magnet Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg – better known by his online persona- pewdiepie hits 100m subscribers mark on YouTube.

In doing so, PewDiePie has become the first individual creator to reach the 100 million subscribers mark on his YouTube channel, which is only the second YouTube channel to enter the 100 million subscribers club after Indian music label and movie studio T-Series breached that mark earlier this year. YouTube congratulated its most valuable individual vlogger by creating a short video commemorating his journey over the years.

pewdiepie hits 100m

As of now, PewDiePie is the second biggest YouTube channel in terms of the subscriber count. Moreover, he was also in the top ten list of highest-paid YouTube personalities in the world last year with, and in the previous year as well. On this 8 years journey pewdiepie hits 100m subscribers in the shortest span on time.

But that feat sounds even more impressive after the controversies that engulfed him which involved everything from getting blasted by the online community for creating anti-Semitic videos to creating a distasteful music video to diss rival YouTube channel T-series.

The YouTube millionaire “Mr Beast” purchased hoardings and radio ads to support Kjellberg in North Carolina, while another YouTube personality, Justin Roberts, bought a $1m (£816,000) billboard in Times Square urging people to subscribe to PewDiePie. Kjellberg himself made a rap diss track about the label in an effort to hold on to the top spot.

T-Series, the popularity of which rose in step with wider internet access in south Asia, now has almost 110 million subscribers. For context, Justin Bieber has 46 million, Rihanna has more than 32 million and Drake has almost 19 million.

This week also marked PewDiePie’s marriage to longtime girlfriend and former YouTuber Marzia Bisognin, and Pewds shared a wedding video on his channel showing the nuptials, which is currently the #2 trending video on the site.

Perhaps most surprisingly of all, YouTube itself is actually acknowledging PewDiePie’s milestone, creating their own tribute for him which Pewds retweeted today:


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