Pakistan’s Bank Website Is Hacked:A Gift By Indian Hackers

Pakistan’s bank named fmfb (first micro finance bank) website is hacked by our beloved indian hackers.

On the occasion of their independence day (14th august) a group of hackers named Neo.Sec team hacked the pakistan’s bank website .Not only this they pasted a photo of our national flag and also give respect to the martyrs who lost their lives for our country on the website’s home page.

fmfb pakistan website

The lines hackers written on the home page was-

This is to pay respect to our martyrs who lost their lives while serving for our country.

They also warned pakistan that they will destroy whole their digital infrastructure if the cross border terrorist activities will not stopped.

They also said imran khan a coward and illiterated as they declared 15th august as black day.

Also in february many pakistan website are also hacked by indian hackers.

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