Things you must add in your schedule to keep yourself fit

Maintaining an active lifestyle must be the top priority in anyone’s life. Technology in life today is hardly allowing anyone to stay active. Smartphones, tablets, working with computers, lift and escalators instead of stairs are all on our way in day to day life. Things you must add in your schedule to keep yourself fit but anyone with strong intentions and conscious mind should be able to use them until they are necessary and avoid them when it is needed.

If we actually count the number of hours we sit and the number of hours we walk or stand, we will be astonished by our own results. This is one of the main reasons why fitness watches today are so popular. But do we actually need them? IF we consciously calculate, the answer is in front of us and our state of the body will tell that it needs exercise.

It is true that daily life is too busy and making out time for anything explicitly is a task. So prioritizing daily tasks is a major skill to have these days. Making separate time for exercises and work is challenges. So clever plan is to include it in our daily schedule and make healthy habits as part of life.

Let’s see some of the simple steps to add fitness to our daily schedule.

Increase the number of steps you take daily

In day to day routine look for chances to walk more.

I see many youngsters who visit shopping malls; theatres take lift or escalator without any thought take to go to the first floor or second floor.  Lifts especially must be left for senior citizens, pregnant women, parents with children, physically challenged citizens. Anyway, take the stairs whenever possible and wherever possible.

Stand more instead of sitting, as we burn more calories in standing position and also it will keep you active. At work, try to spend whenever possible in standing position.

Walk after your meal, especially after lunch and dinner.

Household work regularly involves a lot of exercises. Standing for a long time and doing dishes, scrubbing bathtub and cleaning bathroom, gardening, making your own bed etc. will keep you fit and active.

Try to change your regular commute to cycle. Cycling to work at least a couple of days in a week, walking to shopping places if it is a few kilometers/miles away is some of the best ways to include exercise into daily routine. Using public transport rather than a car is also good because it involves walking and standing in public transport sometimes.

Play and activities with kids

If you have kids of your own or your cousins or friends kids, rather than spending time in front of the TV or with a smartphone play with them.

If you have your own kids, plan swimming or any sport with them every weekend at least. It will allow you to spend quality time with them and also will keep you fit. By doing this you are standing by example for them.

Eat properly and take a balanced diet

The three important meals we take regularly must be taken healthy and balanced. Take plenty of proteins, eat a lot of seasonal fruits, take healthy fats, eat nuts and seeds for snacks, eat yogurt if you crave for ice cream or sweet, reduce sugar, avoid sugary drinks and fizzy drinks. All these will help a lot for being fit.

Don’t hesitate to have chocolate if you crave for it but have an attitude to have one and stop there.  Keeping yourself should mean to keep yourself unhappy and kill your desires.

Drink plenty of water

Keep a bottle of water (1 litre) either at home or work. Make sure you keep refilling it and keep a target that at least you should refill it for 4-5 times in a day. When you are going out or shopping carry it and when your bag feels heavy try to empty the bottle of water. Drinking a lot of water daily is one of the most important and best healthy habits.

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