Hinge vs Tinder: Which Is the Better App for Matchmaking?

Everybody has unique backgrounds, lifestyles, and preferences, there isn’t one ideal dating app. There are many internet dating applications for your device, and finding one might be challenging, mainly if you do not realize which app is most fitted to your likes. While Tinder is among the most prominent dating sites tool, it might not be the right fit for you. Hinge is an alternative if you’re hoping for something new. This app is swiftly gaining attention and is quickly turning into one of Tinder’s key competitors. Not clear which matchmaking app will give you the maximum benefit? If you don’t have time to handle both, our Hinge vs Tinder comparison can assist you in picking the wise option!

Hinge vs Tinder


  • Based on usability and design

Tinder cannot be simpler. It’s designed to work like games, allowing you to swipe via other users without needing to think about it too much. Unlike Tinder, Hinge is comparable to surfing a Facebook profile. You are provided additional information about each individual, and you must think about whom you wish to like and with whom desire to initiate a conversation. Hinge makes even the first step to finding your date more than just a profile picture to judge other people based on their skills and mindsets. Both Hinge and Tinder restrict your choices with a free version. Hinge only offers you 10 free likes per day, however, Tinder provides you 100. Both sites will let you subscribe for an endless number of likes.

  • Based on Screening Feature

Hinge allows free users to screen matches based on gender, age, specific location, limited distance radius, culture, and language match possibilities. Hinge also allows users to alter their specified location at any anytime, and this isn’t a paid feature. Furthermore, paid users to have access to a variety of “Fantastic Choices,” which allow them to filter for things like height, marriage and family’s desires, education qualifications, values, and character defects (i.e. drinking, smoking, and other drug abuse). Every one of these preferences may be set as a “Deal breaker,” which means that accounts that do not match that requirement will be rejected outright by the Hinge system. On Tinder, both paid and free users can apply only four basic filters: sexuality, region, maximum range, and age. As a result, Hinge provides more options for screening your matches and avoiding undesirable pairings, saving you time.

  • Based on plans

If you choose Tinder Gold, you will have to pay Rs 3,192 in advance. While the entire cost of the yearly plan is somewhere around Rs 260 each month, the monthly gold package is Rs 567 if purchased individually. Tinder + annual subscription costs Rs 2128, with separate monthly payments of Rs 355. Meanwhile, Hinge Premium Membership costs Rs. 1,650 per month.

  • Based on purpose

A Hinge account is ideal for finding meaningful connections since you can select the profiles you like more prudently. If you’re searching for a hookup app, Tinder is the way to go. Ultimately, both apps can be employed for casual hookups if you make it obvious in your description. But if your texting game needs some work, Hinge is a good option; the app’s engaging style to profiles makes it simple to begin a conversation. Tinder, on the other hand, will certainly make you happier if you’re trying to date more loosely and prefer numbers over perfect matches.

  • Based on Special Features

Hinge features excellent prompts and allows guys to send the initial message. Furthermore, which is more beneficial if they are strong with language and do not wish to rely solely on their pictures to attract women. Hinge will ask you a series of inquiries to assist you in finding your perfect match. Hinge, unlike Tinder, makes it difficult for anybody to have a generic profile with no details. Furthermore, hinge questions are wonderful conversation starters and provide insight into your attitude. Tinder helps to connect with Spotify so you can impress your match with songs.

Final Verdict:

Hinge vs Tinder


Overall, it’s worth giving both dating apps a shot for a few days to see how you adjust to them. One never knows, you may perfectly match someone whom you quickly swiped right on Hinge or Tinder. However, after a few successful lighthearted conversations on Online dating apps, you may discover that chatting initially isn’t as intimidating as it looks. As a result, whether to use hinge or Tinder is full dependent on the user’s needs and personality.

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