The Top 10 Formal Dress Combinations for Men

If you’re shopping around for a classic men’s formal outfit, you probably already know that there are quite a few formal dress combination options out there to choose from. The question is, which formal outfit combinations are best? This article discusses the top 10 formal dress combinations for men and how to put them together. Read on if you want to look sharp at your next formal event!


Or what the formal world would refer to as an all-rounder. This style is appropriate for any situation and looks great everywhere. Take off the tie and get ready to dance at a party on the weekend, after work, or even during the day.

 The suit looks best with a sleek black belt and matching black shoes. Cotton is the most natural and excellent material because the best formal attire adapts to the season.

2) Military Formal:

Top 10 Formal Dress | Military Dress

Specific formal dress combinations must be adhered to for men in the military. These combinations can be found in the uniform regulations for each branch of service. Military members typically wear their Service Dress Uniforms when attending a formal event. Depending on the occasion, they may also add medals and decorations.

Here are the top 10 formal dress combinations for men in the military:

  1. Service Dress Uniform
  2. Class A Uniform
  3. Class B Uniform

3) White dress shirt + black tuxedo combo:

Top 10 Formal tuxedo

A summer beach wedding is perfect for men to show some style and personality. While the standard white dress shirt and black tuxedo combo are always a classic. Plenty of other options can make you look sharp and stand out from the crowd. Here are our top 04 formal dress combinations for men:

  1. A white dress shirt with khaki trousers and a light-colored blazer.
  2. Khaki pants, a dark green or navy suit jacket, and a brown leather belt.
  3. Dark gray wool suit with a light blue dress shirt.
  4. Light gray wool suit with a dark blue or red dress shirt (depending on what the bride wears).

4) Classic black Suit + white dress shirt and black tie: 

Top 10 Formal Dress | Black Suit

You can’t go in a classic black suit for a dinner date. Pair it with a white dress shirt and black tie for a sharp, sophisticated look. If you’re daring, add a pop of shade with your pocket square or cufflinks. For a more relaxed vibe, try swapping out the black suit for a navy one.

5) Well-fitted blazer with dark jeans and dress shoes:

Top 10 Formal Dress........blazer with jeans

You’ll want to look sharp but not too stuffy for a cocktail party. A great way to accomplish it is by pairing a well-fitted blazer with dark jeans and dress shoes. Add a pop-up to your shirt or tie, and you’ll be ready. Make sure the collar on your blazer is turned up and fits nicely across the chest.

6) Navy blazer and pair it with white trousers:

Top 10 Formal Dress | Navy Blazer

The preppy nautical look is a summer classic, perfect for any formal occasion. To acquire this look, start with a navy blazer and pair it with white trousers. Add a striped shirt and tie, and finish the look with brown loafers or boat shoes. For a more modern take on this classic look, ditch the tie and add a pop of color with your shirt or shoes.

7) Semi-Formal with a Sports Jacket:

Top 10 Formal Dress | Formal with Jacket

A sports jacket is a great way to add a touch of personality to your look without going too far. For a semi-formal event, pair your sports jacket with dark-wash jeans and dress shoes. Add a pocket square for an extra pop of color, and you’re good to go.

8) Semi-Formal Suit with Patterned Shirt and Tie

Top 10 Formal Dress | Patterned Shirt and Tie

A semi-formal suit is a perfect foundation for a stylish and sharp look. Paired with a patterned shirt and tie, this outfit is ideal for any formal occasion. Plus, the addition of a pocket square can elevate the look. Add a pair of dress shoes to complete the ensemble, and you’re good!

9) A black blazer, white shirt, and trousers:

Top 10 Formal Dress | black blazer, white shirt, and trousers

A black blazer, white shirt, and trousers are a failsafe combination that will always look smart. But if you want to add more interest to your look, try opting for a black tie with a subtle pattern. Pair your black tie with a white pocket square for a dapper look.


Top 10 Formal Dress | CHECKS SHIRT AND DENIMS:

The most common kind of formals are checks. And when you match it with denim, you get the ideal semi-formal outfit for men. These are one of those formal attire exceptions that enables you to take a break from the books and experience a change of routine.

This outfit can be paired with a leather watch, a bracelet, a belt in a darker colour, and any shoe of your choosing. Don’t sacrifice comfort for tight shirts and denim; keep the clothing light and free.

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