Employees Provident Fund subscriber? Scheme Certificate Is Necessary

Although many subscribers of the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) are not aware of this, they could be eligible for pension at the time of retirement but for that, you need to get a Scheme Certificate at the right time. Under the Employees’ Pension Scheme, there are around 3.3 lakh pensioners.


  • EPF contributors are also eligible for pension
  • To claim pension under employees provident fund rules, you must get the scheme certificate


Who is eligible for pension under EPF?

Your employer contributes 8.33% of your basic salary and dearness allowance (DA) to employees’ pension scheme (EPS), as part of EPFO contribution. There is, however, a maximum cap of 1,250.

The amount of pension you receive is calculated by multiplying pensionable salary (average of last 60 months) with pensionable service and then dividing it by 70. The minimum pension that you get under the scheme is 1,000.

You are eligible for pension on superannuation at the age of 58 years. If you quit your job between 50 and 57 years you can avail an early but reduced pension.

If you continue to work and contribute to EPF even after 58 years, you can avail pension from the age of 58.

Provident fund contributors who have contributed to EPF for less than ten years will get an option at the age of 58 to either withdraw the amount or get a pension.

On the death of the EPF subscriber, the pension is automatically payable to the spouse.

In case you have worked for less than 6 months, then you would not be able to withdraw the pension amount, according to EPFO rules.

What is Scheme Certificate for EPF pension?

The Scheme Certificate is like a policy for pension as it facilitates the transfer of pension accounts when you change jobs. To claim your pension, need to have this certificate.

Provident fund subscribers who have contributed to at least 10 years and are below the age of 58 will be mandatorily issued scheme certificate for getting a pension, according to EPF rules.

For those whose contribution period has been less than 10 years can avail the Scheme Certificate to carry forward his pension service but it is not mandatory.

If the holder of the scheme certificate dies, the family will get a pension.

When to get EPS scheme certificate?

While switching jobs, PF subscribers should transfer their service to a new establishment on the EPFO portal. In case the new establishment is not under EPF, then you can take a scheme certificate for availing pension later on.

Those who have already contributed to EPF for 10 years and do not intend to work further can get a scheme certificate to avail pension at the age of 50 to 58 years.

How to get EPS scheme certificate?

You need to fill Form 10C for claiming withdrawal benefit and scheme certificate.

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