EPF Passbook : How to get EPF Passbook Online

As an employee, you are required to keep a track of your EPF account in respect of the contributions made by your employer and ensure whether the deductions made in its respect from your gross total income actually are credited into your EPF account. For the same, the EPF Passbook can be an important tool. It can help you know the amount of EPF corpus that has accumulated over the years of your employment. Further, when it comes to tax planning, you can refer the EPF statement to know the total contributions made towards the EPF account in a particular financial year that qualify for deduction under Section 80C. 

Similar to a savings bank account, EPF account comes with a passbook and to access it you must be registered with the EPFO website. The passbook provides details on PF account number, provident fund, pension scheme details, establishment ID and name of your employer, EPFO office and its type and other details.

EPF Passbook is a document containing all the contributions that are made by an employee and the employer in EPF and EPS accounts. All contributions made each month are mentioned in the EPF passbook. The EPF passbook contains any interest that has been deposited in the beneficiary’s account. If an individual has two EPF accounts, there would be separate EPF Passbooks for every account that can be accessed using the specific member ID after logging in to the account. 

Contents of the Passbook:

Given below are the details that are present in an EPF passbook.

  • The ID of the establishment and the name of the company (Employer).
  • The ID of the member and the member’s name (Employee).
  • Name of the EPFO office and its type.
  • Employer’s and Employee’s share made in the contribution.
  • Monthly depository and withdrawal contribution of the employee and the employer.
  • Monthly contribution towards pension account of the employee.
  • The date and time of printing of the passbook are also mentioned at the end of the statement.

EPF Passbook: Registration

  • Visit EPFO Website.

  • A new page asking you to provide details such as UAN, member ID, aadhaar, PAN, name, date of birth, etc. will appear. Note that the details entered are as per EPFO records. Some of the fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory.

  • Now, after filling the necessary details, you need to click on the tab mentioning ‘Get Authorization Pin’.
  • Enter OTP which will be sent to your mobile number that is registered with the EPFO click on ‘Validate OTP and activate UAN’.

When your UAN is activated, you will receive an SMS providing the password for your EPF account, using which you can log into your account. Now, you can view your EPF Passbook only six hours after the registration is complete.

EPF Passbook: Download

  • Enter your UAN, password and captcha code and Click on ‘log in’.

  • On successfully logging in to your account, select the member ID to view your passbook.

  • The passbook is in PDF format which is easily downloadable. 

Updating EPF Passbook:

EPF passbook can be updated by EPSO as soon as the contribution is made in the employee’s account. Although the date is not mentioned in the passbook, it contains the month and year in which the contribution is made. If an individual’s passbook is not updated, it is advisable that the individual waits for a few days and then log in to the portal again to get the updated version of the passbook.

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