E-Chalan and E-Payment System launched by Delhi Traffic Police

A new e-chalan and e-payment system launched for use of Delhi Traffic Police: 

Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik launched the new e-chalan and e-payment gateway on 19 July 2019, for the use of Delhi Traffic Police. Traffic violators in Delhi will be able to pay challans online as the traffic police are all set to launch its e-payment facility by the end of this month, officials said. With the launch of e-challan and e-payment system, traffic violators can now pay fine online from anywhere, police said. 

At present, traffic violators have to go to the headquarters of the traffic police in west Delhi’s Todapur area to pay the amount of their challan. According to the police, the proposed e-payment facility will be a great relief for the traffic violators as they no longer will have to go to ‘Todapur’ to just to pay a fine of Rs 100.

The payment gateway will help the citizens with the flexibility to log in securely at their convenience and settle the pending violation notices with proof of payment. 

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Patnaik said, this is an important step towards a cashless economy. It also ensures that the citizen interface with police improves and becomes more transparent. 

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According to the traffic official, around 20,000 challans are generated from e-challan machines every day. These are also called contact challans. “If you are caught for a traffic violation, an e-challan is issued on the spot for which the violator is expected to pay there,” the officer said.

Mr. Patnaik said the e-challan system will integrate all these systems into one holistic professionally managed prosecution and traffic management system that will give a critical fillip to the efforts of achieving safe driving conditions in Delhi.

The e-challan system launched with 1,000 hand-held devices and Android-based operating system with fully integrated software will help citizens login securely at their convenience and settle violation notices with proof of payment in their daily routine, police said.

According to the police, the devices are of industrial grade and 4G-compliant with dual SIM facility and will have fingerprint biometric capturing capacity. They also have digital payment facility.

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  1. Alka Agrawal says:

    I will appreciate if you can appoint traffic police officers on critical locations so that traffic violation rules can be avoided.

    I have to cross Delhi IT park red light every day between 9 to 9:30 AM. Rarely vehicles stops on red light and they keep moving. This creates major problems who has to cross the road. There was time last couple of week back when traffic light itself was not working for more than 10 days. Imagine what would have been the situation then when there was no traffic police to control them.

    Kindly look into this matter.

    Instead of just strengthening just software pl strengthen the ground situations and help daily commuters. Educate people and punish them appropriately in case of violations.

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