Dell’s Unified Workspace helps you to transform your workforce

Dell’s Unified Workspace helps you to transform your workforce with the most comprehensive solution that deploys, secures, manages and supports your devices from the cloud. Industry-leading expertise from VMWare, SecureWorks and Dell employs intelligence and automation to streamline your business process, maximizing productivity. 

Unified Workspace, the industry’s most comprehensive solution from VMWare, SecureWorks and Dell makes sure your organization is limitlessly productive.

As organizations worldwide step into the future-of-work, it becomes imperative to provide employees the flexibility to work, collaborate and innovate from anywhere at any time. An ideal work environment would be one focused on employee engagement, convenience and better productivity.

However, IT departments of several firms struggle with transformation initiatives as most of their time is consumed in run-of-the-mill tasks like software/hardware deployment, help tickets, monitoring and troubleshooting. On top of that, often different departments are at different stages in their digital transformation journey using distinct tools, user interfaces and storage solutions. This makes the whole process even more taxing and full of redundancies.

An intelligent integration solution

Dell Unified Workspace is an intelligent solution that brings together the expertise of Dell, VMWare and SecureWorks. This integrated platform helps IT to streamline time-consuming, complex and critical tasks, and at the same time offers automation and insight generation capabilities.

To make things easier, before deployment, organizations will get to know the specific devices and applications their workforce needs based on their specific usage. Once this is done, these personalized devices can be directly sent to the end-user, preconfigured and preloaded with all the apps and security features they need without IT having to intervene at all. To add to this, the same solution is designed to proactively help the end-user troubleshoot day-to-day IT issues like password resets, access to applications, lost VPN connections and more.

Modernizing PC lifecycle management

Traditionally PC lifecycle management (PCLM) has been an expensive affair, requiring high intervention and having low scalability when it comes to mobile/remote working. With VMware Workspace ONE as the backbone of Dell Technologies Unified Workspace, you get a simplified path to improved management regardless of device, OS or applications, while providing end-users with a faster, smarter experience. This allows all users to utilize Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) technology to modernize how they deploy, manage and secure all their Dell devices seamlessly.

Built-in security

The susceptibility of BIOS is an increasing concern for end-users across organizations as hackers advance in their techniques to exploit security loopholes. Dell SafeBIOS, an off-host BIOS verification utility, uses best-of-breed insights with Secureworks and proactively detects attacks against BIOS. It protects the layers below the operating system so all your employees work on trusted devices.

Dell and VMware Workspace ONE provides an added layer of protection by constantly monitoring and validating the state of device, user, network and applications. With features like multi-factor authentication and user-blocking, you get trusted access across all devices in the organization.

Moreover, Dell SafeData acts as your data guardian by encrypting information to keep your sensitive company information protected. Dell SafeGaurd and Response, powered by VMWare Carbon Black and SecureWorks provides overall threat management by combining managed security, incident response expertise and threat behavioral analytics.

Intuitive support

Dell ProSupport Plus with SupportAssist helps users get the faster resolution through intelligence aggregated from device, application and user. This ultimately helps in maintaining control and remotely resolving PC issues on one or many devices, eliminating unnecessary and annoying productivity interruptions.

Dell Technologies Unified Workspace is set to radically change the entire user experience by eliminating manual, time-intensive processes, enhancing end-user computing and helping IT reduce costs by moving away from high-touch processes to a modern management approach. Priced monthly or annually, depending on the needs of your firm, Unified Workspace is available as a service across the portfolio as a flexible and predictable option providing an exceptional productivity boost.

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