Connaught Place Must-See Attractions for the Best Weekend Gateway

Explore Connaught Place in New Delhi if you’re in Delhi and want to do some light sightseeing without too much bother. Connaught Place, where the large white colonial-style structures are located, is the center for both new and vintage retailers. To pass some time and take a look at the bustling city life of Delhi, you can choose to stroll around or visit neighboring locations. The region is also bursting with cultural attractions, including renowned modern museums and galleries as well as historic movie theatres and toy stores. Here, we examine the top attractions and activities to do in the region.

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Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

During the constant commotion of Connaught Place, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib offers solitude and peace for those seeking tranquility and serenity. It is difficult to overlook the gurudwara, or Sikh place of worship, with its golden dome reflecting the sun’s beams. One of India’s most significant institutions of its sort is Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. The gurudwara began as a modest dwelling and was later enlarged and adorned to become the magnificent work of art it is now. Unmissable activities include indulging in stunning architecture and folk tunes while strolling through the holy place.

Connaught Clubhouse

The distillery is visible on the left side of the structure and Connaught Clubhouse boasts to be Delhi’s only German microbrewery. When you enter, a neon sign welcomes you. The space is large, and the decor is pretty stylish. With projectors placed to show sports, it’s a fun spot to visit with friends. Changezi Chicken, Veg Dimsums, and Craft Beer are among its specialties.

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds Connaught place

Madame Tussauds Delhi is a structure like a gallery wherein wax figures of celebrities from various fields—including Cinema, sporting events, politics, and the arts—can be found. This enchanted tour is brought to India’s Outermost Ring, by Merlin Entertainment so that visitors can have a special, wonderful experience by getting the ideal picture with their favorite celebrities. You can joyfully tour this place in Cp with your friends and relatives because it is not a busy site.

Jantar Mantar

Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur constructed this historic structure to keep track of the times throughout the day because doing so required monitoring the sun’s motions. To determine the precise date and times, you must comprehend the scientific instrument installed in Connaught Place’s Jantar Mantar. This is the spot for you if you enjoy discovering historic places and seeking monuments.

Visit historic cinemas

Visit historic cinemas

When movies were silent, going to the movies in a cinema was a special occasion. You would need to dress as if you were going to a palace for supper. Then, as technology advanced, cinema lost its rarity and grew in accessibility to everyone. Visit the historic theatres in CP to see this cinematic experience. One is Odeon, while the other is Rivoli, which PVR recently purchased. Other historic cinemas in Delhi are Regal and Plaza, and this group of four cinemas was once regarded as the center of Delhi’s elite society in the early 1900s.

Hanuman Temple

Hanuman Temple is the ideal location to visit if you want to witness the actual religious fervor of the Hindu faith. On weekends, worshipers occupy the vacant space with prayers and thoughts, chanting, and offerings. The temple honors the celestial monkey god Hanuman and is thought to belong to one of the 4 beautiful temples that formed a feature of the Mahabharata, an ancient mythical tale.

Palika Bazaar

Palika Bazaar

This double subterranean bazaar has several entrances, and it is filled with imitations and duplicates of everything from Ed Hardy to Prada sunglasses. It also has a lot of reasonably priced tattoo studios. It seems like someone is telling you to get tattoos every 50 meters you go, but I’d highly urge against it because we don’t understand how clean they are. Since it is contained, you should pass on this experience if you suffer from claustrophobia. Additionally, always have company while exploring PB.

Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation is renowned for offering lavish banquets at very low costs. There is a range of dishes from Indian, Chinese, and continental cuisines at this endless buffet. You’re permitted to eat whatever amount you please. Due to the enormous variety and infinite portions, the multi-course feast will undoubtedly be a good value.

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