Budget 2019-20 – Govt seeks inputs from citizens by June 20

Government of India sought inputs from citizens on the Union Budget 2019-20 with a view to make the Budget making exercise more participative and inclusive. The comments have been sought on government’s ‘mygov.In’ portal by June 20.
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the first budget of the Modi 2.0 government on July 5. In order to make the Union Budget-making process participative and inclusive, the ministry of finance seeks inputs from citizens and this has been a practice for the last several years.
This year too, the ministry looks forward to hearing suggestions for the Union Budget which will be presented in Parliament in the upcoming session, the portal said while inviting ideas and suggestions for Union Budget 2019-2020.
“Citizens from all walks of life are welcome to be a part of this democratic exercise. You can submit your suggestions either directly in the comments box or attach a PDF document. We seek your valuable ideas to continue the tradition of the Union Budget incorporating the citizens’ aspirations,” it said.
Sitharaman had appreciated the suggestions given by various stakeholders for the forthcoming budget and said that ministry officials will take note of them. Her budget team comprises Minister of State for Finance Anurag Singh Thakur and Chief Economic Advisor Krishnamurthy Subramanian.
The official team is led by Finance Secretary Subhash Chandra Garg, Expenditure Secretary Girish Chandra Murmu, Revenue Secretary Ajay Bhushan Pandey, DIPAM Secretary Atanu Chakraborty, and Financial Services Secretary Rajiv Kumar.
In her budget, the 59-year-old JNU alumnus, Sitharaman, will have to address slowing economy, financial sector troubles like rising NPAs and liquidity crisis in NBFCs, job creation, private investments, exports revival, agrarian crisis and raise public investment without compromising on fiscal prudence.
The first session of the newly elected 17th Lok Sabha will be held from June 17 to July 26. The Economic Survey for 2019-20 will be tabled on July 4 followed by the presentation of the budget on the next day. 

48 Responses

  1. nitin mane says:

    For working class first Tax slab should be between 500000 to 750000= 5%
    second 750001 to 1000000 = 7.5%
    third 1000000 and above 10%
    IT employees tax slab should be different
    senior citizen above 80 yrs no tax

  2. Deepshikha Sandeep Pilankar says:

    Pls make education free for economically backward class where children may be from any caste religion .Pls see In pvt schools also where there is ICSE board there are many kids. which should be worked out on high priority basis .Pls see that job age limit should not be limited as if the person is fit let him/her work if he has to support the family.Get the details of the person thou he/she is from pvt/public/govt sector.Let special support be provided to single parents also in all .forms. There should not be Pvt tution classes where fees are minimum 1 lakh plus which is not affordable to every common man.Make compulsory yoga swimming NCC by which students can join govt services.

  3. Dashrath Chintaman Deshmukh says:

    1.Increase tax base to cover rich farmers, small traders and professionals etc.
    2.Enhance the tax exemption limit
    3.abolish all Incone Tax Exemption
    4.Make Income Tax Act user friendly
    5.Disinvedtment from all loss making public sector undertakings
    6.Loan waiver by Nationalised Banks to be strictly monitored and power should rest with Ministry of Finance for loan amount exceeding Rs. 10000 Crores
    7.Rationalise GST. Make one rate GST and compliance should be user friendly so that compliance will be increased
    8 Focus on enhancement of agriculture income
    9.Enhance the monthly pension of retirees under EPS95 to Rs. 7500 linked to DA with Medical Benefits

  4. Vasantha Lakshmi S says:

    Nirmala maam please consider giving IT concessions to salaried people n also to pensioners


    I would request earnestly to allocate considerable fund to compensate huge loss and torture of Targeted Individuals (TIs). TIs need stringent rule to punish perpetrators. Unfortunately, nothing happened for them. In fact, electronic harassments never been addressed in India. Hon’ble PM brought the trend of Machine Learning (ML). Same ML techniques are used to manipulate brainwave of TIs. Department of Justice through FBI has been seeking global petition from TIs irrespective of their citizenship. US further implemented policies to compensate TIs. Russia, Canada, Poland, UK, Europe etc addressed the issue. Kindly let me know if TI can be the part of Sabke Sath Sabke Bikash. Regards,

  6. ARUN BINDLISH says:

    Honb’le F.M.,I suggest you to kindly make the GST Returns to be filed Quarterly but the amount of GST should be deposited on Monthly basis.
    2ndly, I being a Petrol Pump owner (62 Years old ) please bring Petroleum Products under GST.Now only Lubricant Oil is under GST Act and PETROL and DIESEL are in VAT Act of our state HARYANA.
    3rdly, Please make it sure that on every 20 Banks there should be a Bank which opens on every SATURDAY and SUNDAY to facilitate the customers who want to avoid Cash Transactions.

  7. DILIP SINKAR says:

    The most neglected lot by almost all govt. throughout is Non Pensioner Retired Senior Citizens of the Country. These Senior Citizens have worked in Private Sector all their life, paid sincerely Income Tax on time throughout their active life & fulfilling all their responsibilities.

    Today Govt. Servants earn handsome Pension & every six months their Pension increases as DA increases for Govt. Employees. Also their Pension increases with every pay panel recommendation. But it is not the case for retired Private Sector Senior Citizens. They want to live respectable life by earning on their life savings. However, their earning reduces with every reduction of Bank interest rate. At the same time their expenses goes up due to increase in living cost.

    Best example is since 2014, there is reduction in Bank Interest by 25% at the same time living cost has gone up by 25 to 30%. Senior Citizens requires to pay 33% more Insurance Premium, once they cross 60 years, for covering Medical expenditure although they are medically fit. There are many examples like this.

    We don’t want any Govt. subsidies or financial assistance. We Senior Citizens expect Govt. / FM should consider our plight while preparing Budget.

  8. yogesh k mehta says:

    I am a senior citizen. The rates of the fixed deposit are drastically reduced. The rates of Fixed deposit is 6.40% . Even with a fixed deposit of Rs.1 crore , the interest after deducting TDS is Rs.5,76,000 i.e. Rs.48,000 PM. The inflation in all the front is increasing. You may reduce the interest rates for the industry , but for the senior citizen who leaves only on the interest of Fixed deposit is finding himself miserable to live on such a low interest. Last 25 years , I am giving vote to BJP and have a hope that MODI government will really think in the right perceptive for senior citizen. I request that senior citizen saving scheme limit should be raised to Rs.50 lacks. I have paid huge amount of Income Tax as a salaried person as working in private companies.In private company we are not getting handsome pension as government employees are getting. We only have to leave on Fixed Deposit Interest. I earnestly request you to take some steps where senior citizen can be benefited and live good life.

  9. Anithaharsha says:

    Slowly reduce the charges on credit card and debit card swiping charges as well netbanking charges and minimize the cash flows. so that people start using digital mode of payments and receipts. on this basis it is easy to calculate Taxable Income and tax liability, even people also prepare pay taxes then and there itself as indirect taxes


    there should be provision for future plan to remove water scarecity by some means. as much low and stability on essential commodity. Gas, Pertrol and desial prices should be low as possible. Absolute real estate rates has to be dash to the ground. govenment should form a scheam to have hold on empty land and essential people must buy from government.

  11. Shekh Mustufa says:

    unemployment is the big problems of India. Now a days so many educated youth are strugle with their life for live,life and eat in India by holding education certificate. So I request with the Indian Government to bring a “SELF INDEPENDED BUSINESS PLAN” for Bachelor and Master degree holder’s. Give some amount to such unemployment people according to their location in minimum rate of interest so that they people get e better chance to built their life. So please bring a motivational plan like “SELF INDEPENDED BUSINESS PLAN”. It’s my humble request with prime minister and finance minister.

  12. Jeena Pradeep says:

    Please do something for healthcare manpower crunch….
    Thwre should be a strict monitoring system for optimum utilisation of manpower in evwry sector…

  13. NITISH U. KIRTIKAR says:

    Balance of payments situation should be kept under control by discouraging non-essential imports like Gold etc. OPEC is already trying to agree on production cuts so that the oil price remains high. Russian Oil minister recently made a comment that the oil price will come down to USD 30/ton if production cuts are not agreed by the Opec members. We will be lucky if the oil price comes down. However, we need to ensure that non-essential imports like Gold are made costly by imposing higher import duties. Exports should be encouraged by providing sufficient incentives to targeted Export sectors [NITI aayog can throw some light on which those sectors are].

    Income tax rates for salaried class may be kept unchanged.

    Infrastructure bottlenecks should be removed by allocating sufficient budgetary funds for key projects which will help in maintaining a high GDP growth rate.

  14. premchandran says:

    In coming budget we requesting to come down the GST rate from 12% to 5% all surgical products and equipments, and surgical garments.
    and also come down the GST rate of service tax on Mediclaim policies ,

  15. Sanjay Sharma says:

    Modi Goverment doing very good Job but Location wise GST damage service industry where in Service Tax payment more efficient and transparent , so better to remove state wise GST payment and filing .

    Further need to cover as many as tax payer in Income tax range as currently major tax from salary people and business men or others who own major wealth not paying or filing taxes . Increase Investment limit from 1.5 lakh to more so that saving for long term infrastructure received by Government .

    also start some valuable program where tax payer get some privileges compare to others like railway seat books , various govt offices work and many more activity where tax payer should get privilege by showing tax return .

  16. I am a farmer entrepreneur and seek bank finance for my farming contracts…Canara Bank has issued me a loan in 2016 in instalment running upto 14 months for grape vine yard,yielding after 2 years. The loan is to be repaid in 9 years from the first yield The bank has not given me this in writing.even on date and the current year is declared as drought year. My first yield is in July 2019 and I have no other income to pay to the bank. It has been very harsh to me with my other projects, though it has mortgaged my agriculture land of market value Rs,10 cr. Added to the misery there is Cibil showing me defaulter. Cibil should not have say in a farmers finance as he is entitled for different schemes in his profession and his account cannot be NPA in 3 months. Hence Cibil poking the nose in farmers bank finance should be abolished.

  17. Aloke Ghosh says:

    1. Instead of periodic revision of threshold limits of Direct Taxes, these could be indexed to cost inflation.
    2. Yearly revision of Direct & Indirect taxes during Budget may be restricted to once or twice in 5 years and Budget should deal more about planning and expenditure. These would help in better planning
    3 For retired Senior Citizens, who do not earn from business or profession, Banks and past employers should deduct actual taxpayable based on declaration, and issue a composite TDS certificate, similar to Form 16A TDS Certificate for salaried employees.

  18. Dr.A.Jayakumar, Economist says:

    Thanks for the mail.

    Academician can sometime accept the comments or suggestions. Even though I have done some on School Lunch program, Earlier Congress Govts accepted implemented all states of India.
    Even though I belong to JNU family, RSS but not a member of BJP, you never accept any comments.

    I am researcher, and Take decision according to the real world experience.

    I and my wife are the victims of your economic policies. Best example of the policies and programs of last BJP government is Mr. Pon Radhakrishnan.

    I already sent mail to the PM Mr. Modi, then Finance Minister, others regarding my right to your program, but all never responded even though I belong to RSS family.
    with regards.,


  19. N H. Rao says:

    Madam, Among all tax payers, the salaried class are the worst victims due to TDS. Again those getting salary of Fifty lacs and above are taxes very heavily leaving little for savings. Please also restore medicall, and transport allowance. Please give give more benefit for Education loan repayment.

  20. 1. VERY IMPORTANT: For medications, include a standard to ensure that the generics in the market are tested and have shown Bio-equivalence to the original molecule before they are approved to be launched. In the name of cheaper generics, we have substandard medications sold in the market which are not as effective and hence do more harm than good.

    2. Driving increasing digital payments is good, but to increase the adoption, there has to be a reduction or elimination of various convenience fees charged by the banks/ websites which sometimes is higher than 5%. It is a priority. Second would be to improve access to dispute management between people and banks etc in case of an error or wrong transfer. E.g, If someone transfers money in error to an account, the person should be able to reverse the transaction without having to undergo a large and cumbersome process.

    3. Make one nation one road tax – allowing people to take their vehicles across states easily.

    4. Connect the fines for traffic violations to insurance and driving licence so that people are not so casual about driving and not observing the rules.

    5. For minors caught driving (4 wheeler) or riding (2 wheeler) vehicles – Please charge the parents with heavy fine. They are responsible for the youngster acting as a risk not only to themselves but also to other drivers on road and when they are involved in accidents due to their reckless driving behaviour, they put a lot of life at risk other than themselves.

  21. Prof. Dr Lipi Ghosh says:

    Would like
    1.the market price to be controlled along with control for Petrol price
    2. Want more schemes of benefits for old aged people. There should be provision of allocation for more and more subsdized medical treatments
    3. More scholarships/ funds for writing history of Indian heritage culture

  22. True indian says:

    Eightcornersof country boost growth of plants for patanjali products or equivalents

  23. Vijay Sadashiv Deshpande says:

    This time The Hon’ble Finance Minister should make a provision for All Tax payers of the Country by giving them & their family members a rebate in Govt. Services like Railway tickets., Medical Facilities, Air Fairs, preference in allotment of Passport, direct approach for getting appointment with Govt Officers, Ministers etc.
    Hope you will kindly consider the suggestion.

  24. Vipan mishra says:

    I am an automobile engg.working from last 6 years on 33000 salary,private sector jobline is very critical in india where as private schooling and master degrees very costlier i dont know why work on this so that all not try to run to govt job they feel satisfaction in private line too . private companies take much more from employees but give very small amount to employees,that create dissatisfaction in people and even in me .so make budget keeping in mind middle class family not only lower or upper .

  25. Sushil Singh says:

    Please take all MP ,MLA,PM,temples ,mosques ,churches ,gurudwaras ,buddhist monasteries under income tax and also other subsidies should be withdrawn .foreign tours should be from party funds or salaries.

  26. Saikrishnan V says:

    Children born Permanently disabled but not physically have to be cared for heavily by the parent. Parent of such children cannot come up in life with the support of society. But how to expect society will support in their entire life. The entire family become handicapped by their family members. In order to support such a family, the government can provide support, not monetary benefit, at least a job depend upon their parent’s qualification in order to nurture such children until their death. I am a father of such a disabled son. He is an ADHD, who cannot speak. Understanding his disability itself not an issue by any fellow country people. I have lost my Job as Assistant Professor at a Private Deemed to be university, because of their attire. Please consider people like me and their status.

  27. D C Ramesh says:

    Tax structure is complex and offers scope for manipulated even under GST.
    The sectors which evade tax inspite of having high % turnover.
    1. Construction and real estate.
    2. Grosary and house old needs
    3. Eatery, small hotels, food Joints, mutton stalls
    Etc are 60% cash oriented business, where may be Govt do not get Tax, but Govt agents Police, revenue deportment, local corporation, Panchayath, Municipal employees make fortune
    New budget can try to bring these segments under tax structure and give relief to petroleum product users.

  28. Sumit Bansal says:

    Hi, Thanks for giving the opportunity, below are a few expectations from Budget.
    Financial benefit to service class by change in tax slabs or complete removal.
    Abolish reservations from jobs for OBC and others. All Indians to be given equal status on all parameters.
    Make daily usable items required for running a house cheaper. That burden to be transferred to luxury items.
    Strengthen public transportation and make buying personnel vehicles expensive to have lesser traffic on roads.

  29. C V PRASADRAO says:

    1) Revive Air India , by offering 100% stake sale. To encourage participation, past liabilities of Air India may be handled through SPV as appropriate.
    2) Sell off assets of sick public sectors and settle liabilities . Where possible Private participation by stake sale in such public sectors for revival.
    3) Bank NPA accounts – Opportunity may be given to such accounts to settle Principal amount with minimum interest to settle the dues over a reasonable period on case to case basis.
    4) Provide working capital through banks to improve the industrial growth.
    5) Bring in a mechanism to abolish income Tax and the revenue loss may be recovered through transaction tax in banking system.
    6) Make it mandatory for banks to engage technical experts in the respective fields while disbursing the loans to assess the entire process with accountability.
    7) Provide insensitive to auto industry to bring in Electric Vehicles on fast track basis.
    8) Reduce giving permissions for setting up new coal based power plants , instead resolve the issues being faced by these utilities in terms of non availability of PPAs and Coal linkage.
    9) Encourage start-ups by way of giving Tax exemptions for First Five years.
    10) Privatization of Railway Station Management – for improved upkeep , passenger facilities, safe last mile connectivity from railway stations to the destination and there by achieve revenue generation to the Government.


    May of our Country’s Sr. Citizen put their Hard Earned money like PF / Gratuity etc in the Post Office as MIS and many of them draws their Pension through Post Office , because Rate of Interest in Post Office is higher than other Banks. But the condition of Post Office is very Horrible. No sitting arrangements for Sr. Citizen , no Fans , no space to stand over ,no Toilet , no proper counter and more over scarcity of staff to deal this. Being a BJP national member and a Supporter my request to Honb;le PM and Finance Minister to upgrade the present condition of the Post Offices , so that our Sr. Citizen can find a place to sit and wait in the Post Office for drawing their Pension / MIS money regularly.


    Sujit Kumar Chakraborty

  31. L. Prakash says:

    Bank interest rate for Sr, Citizens should be kept at 8.5% per annum. EPS 95 Pension should be implemented on actual salary basis and not on fixed salary basis for retired employees of exempted companies.

  32. Vishal Bidikar says:

    Education fees to be reduce
    Reduce the cost of petrol vehicles

  33. Amit Tandon says:

    PF contribution by employees should be removed from 80 C to allow people to save complete 1.5 lacs which will help in strengthening the economy further.

  34. R S Nain says:

    The population of our country is growing at the fastest rate and we are going to be the number one. After controlling population China has made tremendous growth. India also need to take some bold steps to check the population growth. Therefore, there is need to find out the measures to check the population growth and allocate sufficient funds for successful implementation of the measures.

  35. S P MARWAHA says:

    Hon. FM of India,
    Heartiest greetings to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his team of ministers for their spectacular victory in the general elections. Being a senior citizen, elder to PM and a dedicated supporter to the Modi government, I forward my suggestions for the budget, as I perceive.
    People of the country have given massive mandate to govern for next five years. People have reposed faith in your ability. Coupled with this power and authority; comes responsibility and accountability. You have to deliver. Some of the important points for the budget are as under:
    1. Corruption – Country needs to declare war on corruption, which is eroding foundations of our country, like termite. Every citizen needs to join hands to eradicate corruption. It has to start from the top echelons of the government, with absolute zero tolerance against those involved in corruption.
    2. Population explosion – It has been the biggest roadblock in the progress of the country. We have to find ways and means to check this population explosion. It will need mature handling and out of box solutions. Use of force can lead to disastrous consequences.
    3. Farmer’s distress – This issue needs immediate attention. There is a need to build a conscious with all stake holders including state governments; irrespective of the political party in power in the state.
    4. NPA of Banks – The problem of NPA of Banks and NBFC is on the rise. As a result, money required for development and welfare schemes gets sucked into this malice. Innovative and effective ways have to be found. Laws must be enforced equally and strictly without any favor to anyone. It will enhance credibility of financial institutions and increase trust of people.
    5. Collapsing public sector – Public sector institutions are in heavy debt. These are a big drain on the national resources. As a result, development process gets derailed. Government has no business to do business. Urgent steps are needed to do disinvestment of loss making PSU’s.
    6. Environment – People of the country deserve clean air to breath and clean water to drink. All necessary steps are needed urgently to provide these to each Indian.
    7. Freebies – Government has to support the section of population in distress. But, it should not make them parasites. They must be helped and encouraged to stand on their feet.
    Expectations of the people – an agenda
    1. Elections to all elected bodies from Panchayat to Parliament to be held at the same time once in five years. No midterm elections or elections on fall of the government due to its coming in minority. Detailed modalities may be worked out and included in the constitutional amendment.
    2. Governments elected once to perform for 5 years and then performance evaluated by the people in next elections.
    1. Elected representatives to declare their assets like government servants periodically.
    2. Comprehensive and detailed code of conduct for elected representatives.
    3. Discretionary funds at their disposal to be done away with till the economy of the country cannot afford.
    4. Removal of excessive security covers to the elected representatives.
    5. Accountability of elected representatives to be included in their oath and they must be held accountable for their deliberate actions leading to breakdown of law.
    6. Convicted and charge sheeted persons with pending cases to be debarred from contesting elections.

    1. Rules regarding employment, authority and accountability, promotion, pay and perks need to be reviewed by an independent body.
    2. No reemployment in any appointment after age of superannuation i.e. 60 years.
    3. Detailed review of the promotion policy is required, with performance and efficiency as the sole criteria. Present rules to promote everyone irrespective of vacancy and increased salary and perks need review. NFU has created problems and has done away with efficiency, accountability and increased mediocrity.
    4. Review of increased top ranks to make services TOP heavy to be done away with. Pyramidal structure brings efficiency and needs to be brought back.
    5. Promotions are supposed to be based on requirement of the organization and not a welfare measure.
    6. Steps initiated to stop inter services rivalry and bickering.
    1. Armed forces have a special role in the face of the enemy. They need to operate under very difficult and hostile conditions. They have some peculiar privileges, which cannot be given across the board to everyone.
    2. Armed forces should follow their own code of conduct as they cannot afford to encourage mediocrity in the organization. They have to win to fight as there is no runner up or silver medals in war.
    3. Promotion policy needs review. Armed forces have also increased senior posts and made themselves TOP heavy. This has resulted in problems. They have to have pyramidal rank structure, even at the cost of competent and deserving losing out on promotion. Therefore, necessary to restore their order of precedence and edge in pay scales.
    4. Disability pension. Some officers have managed to get disability pension (Non operational) by unfair means. They not only get additional pension, but also do not pat IT on pension. PLEASE START TAKING INCOME TAX ON THEIR PENSION.
    Utmost economy must be exercised in expenditure in functioning of the government. Country needs to bring revolutionary improvement in education systems to provide quality education. Youth need to be made employable. This requires huge investments; therefore we cannot waste taxpayer’s money on governance. We cannot look towards foreign countries for investments while wasting our own resources on five star cultures.
    Some of many economy measures which must be implemented are:
    1. Stop existing five star cultures in residences of constitutional authorities, ministers, elected representatives and all those who are entitled to such expenditure.
    2. Stop large scale celebrations like celebrations on completion of milestones of governments and drastically cut scales and expenditure on functions like Republic day, Independence Day, in memory of old icons etc.
    3. Stop installation of statues of icons for next 25 years till we achieve our objective of developing our country.
    4. Stop expenditure on advertisements out of government exchequer.
    5. Drastic cut in providing individual security cover. Stop five star cultures across all sections.
    6. Each one paid out of tax payer’s money should exercise economy in their sphere of influence and responsibility. Comprehensive instructions should be issued by respective heads of every department.
    7. No free accommodation and other privileges to past Chief Ministers, ministers and anyone else. Those occupying these must be ordered to vacate.
    People of the country have given massive mandate to the present government lead by PM Modi. People have reposed faith in his ability to provide good governance. People have very high hopes and expectations.
    I wish the government success and also best wishes to the people; for realization of their expectations.
    Aim of my writing to you is to give the feelings and expectations of people who support PM Modi and his team. My apologies, if I have written anything against the stated policy of the government.


    Dear madam,. Congratulations on becoming finance minister. Wish you all the best. I would like to bring to your notice that BJP in their manifesto declared that income tax will be abolished. But till now nothing was done. Kindly do it this time. In the budget presented by Shri Pyush Goyal, no advantage was given to senior citizens. Kindly provide this time. Thank you.

  37. Vishal Bidikar says:

    Kindly take action on tobocco products by increasing price, like difficult to purchase.
    Decrease price of medicines of sugar patients, surgery, heart related and all tests.
    Avoid concrete roads and gutters so that rainy water will be absorbed by the earth .
    Make solar products cheaper and compulsory to each and all.
    Give best price to old vehicles by exchange to avoid pollution
    Education fees are too much high, take action avoid tuition



  39. BHARAT H MODI says:

    (1)TAX on Short term capital gain should be exempted by Rs.1/- lac.So it will be
    beneficial to small investors.
    (2) Income tax exempted upto Rs.5/- should be for all. It will benefitted to honest middle class peoples.

  40. TOM ANDREWS says:


  41. Nabanita Das says:

    Where do I email it. I don’t feel comfortable sharing my thoughts in open air like this place.

  42. Rakesh Kumar Saxena says:

    Respected Madam, To make economy stronger, increase the value of money and decrease circulation of paper currency, I have some suggestion:

    1. Set limit (in %) for holding of cash by indivisual, company on the basis of their annual turnover/ salary. Extra cash must be deposited in bank account on the next working day.

    2. Maximum limit for cash withdrawl from ATM in one trasaction should be Rs,5000/-. Person can make three transaction in a day ie he can withdraw Rs,15000/- in a day from ATM. For more money he should do online trasaction or go to bank for withdrawal.

    3. There should be limit for withdrawl of cash from bank in Savings Bank / Current Account / Overdraft account. Over limit there should be cash transaction tax on withdrawl of cash.This will reduce demand of cash.

    4. After reduction in demand of cash, High value denomination notes should be scraped. Black Money will under controle.

    Rest suggestions will be disclose after improvement of economy.

    Thanks and regards

    Rakesh Kumar Saxena

  43. Umesh Gupta says:

    Why any body even Naresh Trehan, a very very wealthy man is exempt from Income Tax by our Parliament.

    The reason is high and mighty are given special status and poor of this country are charged taxes.
    Now make at least first 5,00,000/- nil Tax slab for everybody within an income bracket of upto Rs. 20,00,000/- and keep tax slab at 10% for this category.
    Charge Highest Tax @ 50% for people with income above Rs. 1,00,00,000/-, as they can pay.

  44. babulal says:

    Hon’ FM,
    1.Black Money generation in Medical field-
    a. there is huge amount of black money generated by everyone in medical profession-Doctors, laboratory technicians,
    radiologist and all.
    b. private Doctors do not give receipt of Consultation fees, thereby Concealing income and avoid GST
    c. private hospitals have methods to hoodwink the system.
    d. Donations received by Private medical Colleges – no receipt is given for full amount.
    2. Private Tutions/Coaching Classes- Not registered, avoid tax
    2. kindly overhaul the system

  45. Sharma S K says:

    Almost for the first time Govt. Sensitivity towards Sr Citizens is appreciable and welcome step. At the same it may be appropriate;
    – to invite their self appraisals on their free will with their interest to contribute their experience & hobby further to the society in general
    and to youths in particular.
    – In view of the socialistic scenario Sr Citizen Homes provisions judiciously is not only utmost essential rather it is a delayed step in the
    interest of Sr Citizens

    Submitted for sincere consideration and earliest possible execution please

    sharma sk
    80+ Super Sr Citizen & Socialistic Help

  46. C Kesavan Kutty says:

    The standard deduction in the Income Tax should be based on the number of members in the family instead of lump sum amount. This will be beneficial to the tax payer and the Govt.
    Besides standard deduction, Now a days medical expenses are very much on the higher side. Each member in the family should be allowed Rs.10,000/- p.a This should be deducted from the gross earnings of the tax payer.
    The ceiling of Rs.1.5 lakhs to be removed.
    Housing loan: Entire loan interest alone should be allowed to deduct from the gross income without any ceiling.
    Savings in any form should be allowed to deduct from the gross income without ceiling.
    Now a wager earner / cooli / mechanic / electrician / plumber/ mason, etc. are earns more than Rs.1,000/- per day. The should be brought under IT

  47. Subhash Sonar says:

    Income up to 5 lakh should not be taxable to the individual senior citizens, but in case of his/her life partner is totally dependent on each other, then income up to 10 lakh should be exempted.

  48. Anjana Bindlish says:

    Respected Madam,

    There should be some provision for Senior citizens who have retired from private companies, NGOs and have no pension and no

    gratuity. Only some savings and their deposits do not earn enough to ensure they can live a decent live. Please do something so that

    they can get a decent income to live on in this age of rising costs.

    Please make Govt: medical insurance available to them without any conditions.

    Please make old age pension available to them without any conditions, especially women living alone without support.

    For widows again some pension unconditionally.

    Request to have some special category jobs created for women who are senior citizens and can work but cannot get a proper job due

    to discrimination.

    Looking forward to the changes.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Jai Hind!

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