Best IT Jobs: Top 5 paid IT Jobs in INDIA

Best IT Jobs: Technology-related job roles in India are among the most promising for job seekers. Data from job site Indeed reveals that job roles in technology have grown consistently in the past five years – February 2014 to February 2019. Technology job roles increased by an overall 8% during the period.

The last year alone (February 2018 to February 2019) saw technology job roles grow by 31%, while job searches for these roles during the same period increased by 8%.


  • Tech job roles grew by 31% in the last five years, according to a market report.
  • The job of a senior technical lead or data warehouse architect can fetch you an annual salary of up to Rs 25 lakh.

 BEST 5 Paid IT Jobs in INDIA:

  1. Data Warehouse Architect –
    If building strategy-driven solutions to address business issues is your forte, this job as a data warehouse architect is for you. The median annual salary for this job title is Rs 15 lakh and goes up to a salary of Rs 25 lakh. The job comes with the responsibility of designing and developing high-performance scalable database models.
  2. Senior Technical Lead –
    As a senior technical lead, expertise in designing and building software products in collaboration with the sales and design verticals is the most sought after job. With the skills to analyze user requirements to ensure customer satisfaction, an employee can look to earn a median annual salary of Rs 12 lakh going up to Rs 25 lakh.
  3. Analytics Manager –
    With a capability to work with large and complex data sets to evaluate, recommend, and support the implementation of business strategies, the role of an analytics manager has a median annual salary of Rs 11.5 lakh with an upper limit of Rs 24 lakh. The role entails the development of statistical learning models for data analysis.
  4. Technical Project Manager –
    A Technical Project Manager is responsible for leading assigned projects, and overseeing each project’s life cycle from conception to completion, with an emphasis on technical soundness and resource efficiency. If these skills are honed, a Technical Project Manager earns a median annual salary of Rs 10 lakh. This amount can go up to Rs 24 lakh.
  5. Lead Developer –
    If establishing and implementing new or revised application systems and software programs is your main game, a career as a Lead Developer can fetch you a median annual salary of Rs 10 lakh, going up to Rs 24 lakh.


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  1. ANRUDH GUPTA says:

    The IT sector is facing recession now a days The employment potential is not generated upto the level which this sector has capabilities to generate. Large no of technical graduates are wandering for want of job. The more & more technical institutes taking hefty fees from students and are not able to providing employment to the candidates.
    Govt. must focus its attention to this serious issue.

  2. Ragini says:

    Increased truly by 8% in 2018 to 2019 but hardworking increases high due to technology information and knowledge experience for eg employees look for govt jobs and leave the current org for high paid jobs temporary internship is a try to keep the candidate forever

  3. Dear sir IT is my ferret job

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