Best Horror Movies you should watch

What is the scariest horror film ever made? Is it The Exorcist scenes that made you want to throw up? Or perhaps the first time Freddy appeared in The Nightmare on Elm Street made you want to hide beneath the covers? Scary movies have been an excellent resource for us, offering a fun date night or weekend outing. However, not all scary movies are created equal.

The best horror and scariest films tend to leave us gasping for air and dripping with blood, and now we finally understand why. According to recent research that looked closely at the Science of Scare, one of our cult favorites is the scariest horror film of all time. Trust us; you might be surprised by the results.

A Tale Of Two Sisters, 2003:

Horror Movies | a tale of two sisters


This movie will disprove your assumption that horror movies are unheard of. You’ll feel incredibly nervous the entire time you watch this masterfully crafted psychological horror, waiting for something terrible to happen. But the last twist, which reveals everything, will stay with you for a very long time. It served as the model for the 2009 American adaptation The Uninvited.


Blair Witch Project 1999:

Horror Movies | the blair witch project


This movie is quite unsettling because of the manner it was shot. This movie is far scarier than Paranormal Activity since it was made with a Handycam and “found footage” techniques. It will cause you to pause before taking risks in uncharted territory.

The Silence Of The Lambs 1991:

Horror Movies | the silence of the lambs


For Anthony Hopkins’ incredible performance, watch this. Because it was so convincing, many people believed he was a cannibal. He had to declare in front of everyone that he had never tasted human flesh and would never do it again!

The Wicker Man 1973:

Horror Movies | the wicker man


This cult mystery-horror movie will make you uncomfortable as it examines topics like Celtic Paganism. The burning of the wicker man sequence is included on the list of the 100 scariest movie moments, and it won the Best Horror Film award in 1978. Must I say more?


Dead Silence 2007:

Horror Movies | dead silence


Have you ever wondered why some people fear dolls? You’ll be after viewing this. It’s both eerie and entertaining to imagine a frightening older woman living by herself in a creepy home with her creepy toys.


Audition, 1999:



Let me provide a warning. To survive this agonizing gore fest, you need a strong stomach and a strong heart. A middle-aged man develops feelings for a stunning young actress. But she conceals a terrible secret. You’re going to adore this if you liked Hostel and SAW!


Bunshinsaba 2004:



This is one of those scary films you can’t watch alone because it will make you too afraid to go to the bathroom or go to bed alone at night. Since when did young schoolgirls become so frightful?


Reincarnation 2005:



This film has a fantastic plot that comes together at the very end. Rinne is a movie that you’ll undoubtedly recommend to your friends once you’ve seen it since it’s enigmatic, ominous, and spine-tingling.

The Exorcist collection 1973:

the exorcist


The 1973 original horror classic is a favorite among most enthusiasts. Who can forget the sight of a deranged Regan McNeil descending the stairs on all fours? Although none of the prequels and sequels could match that one sequence, the Exorcist trilogy, which has the five scariest horror films, is a must-see this evening.



The ring 2002:

the ring

Going from something that works well in one culture to appropriately adapting that formula for another is always challenging, but Gore Verbinski did it with The Ring. Verbinski’s version of the acclaimed thriller about a cursed videotape by Japanese director Hideo Nakata kept the original’s striking visual imagery, including the ghost of a young girl in a white dress with long black hair covering her face, and discovered that it terrified audiences from all over the world. Although the movie wasn’t as well-liked as its predecessor, Naomi Watts gave a strong performance, and for many people, it was their first exposure to East Asian horror movies.

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By watching these best horror movies, you can make your boring days exciting and thrilling. It will give you real goosebumps as well as some fear.

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