8 reasons to avoid unhealthy street food king “Momos”

In India, momos have risen to be the first preference of street food lovers. Although everyone enjoys having momos, did you realize that they are extremely bad for our health? These spherical, fluffy dough balls are offered with a spicy dip and have juicy meat or vegetable fillings inside. A plate of sizzling, steamy momos will undoubtedly be present regardless of whether you’re outside with your family or just hanging out with your buddies. But with these snacks, things should not be so simple. That is due to several factors. Everything about this cuisine, which appears to be boiled, making it delightful, is not at all healthy, not even the items used to prepare it, how it is presented, or the sauces that go with it.

Some reasons why you need to strive to avoid momos since they are unhealthy are listed below.

  1. Momos’ incredibly spicy chutney

Incredibly spicey chutney of unhealthy Momos

Since it only contains red chilies, the chutney that is given with momos is unhealthy. Several of these sauces are prepared with cheap, processed chili flavorings that can seriously infect you. Additionally, many merchants purposely make the chutney more spicy than necessary for flavor, which can be extremely detrimental to your body. Hemorrhoids or piles are said to be caused by eating chili peppers in excess which is contained in chutney served with momos.

  1. Risk of gaining weight and other health issues

One of the main causes of obesity and overweight is fast food. Consuming momos frequently can only increase your belly because they are made with maida. Moreover, are packed with calories, simple carbohydrates, and salt. Moreover, they are very likely to contain monosodium glutamate (MSG), that not only contributes to fat but also several other health issues like perspiration, nausea, and heart palpitations. The worst aspect of eating momos maybe this.

  1. The meat of dead animals

Ingredients of Unhealthy Momos

It has been discovered through numerous reports and studies that the momo fillings, particularly those you find in inexpensive roadside vendors, are composed of the flesh of sick and deceased chicken that these sellers purchase for a very low price.

  1. Yummy momos can contain harmful tapeworms

A harmful worm that can affect our brain and result in several health problems is the tapeworm. Momos are filled with cabbage, which, as we stated previously, is occasionally not cooked properly and may contain tapeworm germs. Through the blood, these worms can effortlessly enter the brain where they can remain, develop into adults, and then operate as parasites. Numerous neurological problems that may be fatal can be brought on by this.

  1. Chemically made dough

Maida flour is used to make the dough which is further turned into the momo wrapping. Additionally, chemicals such as azodicarbonamide, chlorine, retinol, and other bleaches are used to treat this flour. Now, these substances that chicken regularly intake can impair your stomach and pancreas, and in certain cases even induce blood sugar levels.

  1. Low nutritional value

Although momos are a delicious snack, it’s crucial to realize that they’re not very nutritious. You might believe that momos are packed with veggies, but we have no idea how fresh these are, and there are only just a few vegetable rest is maida coverings. Minimal protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins may be found in a standard momo. In actuality, sugars, carbs, and fat account for the majority of the calories in a momo. Therefore, if you believe that eating unhealthy momos can increase your energy and help you reach your adequate diet goals, you are mistaken.

  1. Poor hygieneMomos street vendors

All street foods, including momos, pakoras, jalebis, and kachori appear to be particularly, have indeed been found to be prepared in extremely unhygienic conditions, putting your health at risk for several illnesses. Foodborne sickness can be exceedingly harmful, especially for sensitive groups like children, and can result from poor hygiene when preparing food.

  1. High-calorie mayonnaise

How disgusting to dunk the behemoth loaded with chicken in a bowl of perfectly smooth and creamy mayonnaise. Sick!. Additionally, mayonnaise has a significant amount of calories and fats. As a result, the momos contain considerably more calories than they already do.

Final verdict:

These are only a handful of the reasons that you should avoid these enormous steamed dumplings at all costs. Momos can be replaced with several healthier foods. You might either choose to consume different forms of local cuisine that are better or create your homemade momos with healthy products. In any case, it’s crucial to understand that momos offered on the streets are not very healthy and shouldn’t be consumed frequently.

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