8 nail-biting Hindi horror web series that will give you goosebumps all night

One of the most well-known subgenres is the haunted web series. It garnered a sizable audience and enjoys great popularity among young people. The Indian Haunted Web Series will leave you struggling to breathe. The audience can be terrified by watching a ghostly web series. After watching the eerie web series, many experiences it hard to fall asleep. Because of the supernatural powers involved, the online series is both scarier and more exciting. The majority of spooky online shows are watched at night. Therefore, if you enjoy watching horror web series, this blog is for you.

Here is a collection of the best Hindi-language horror web series that you can watch.

Ragini MMS

The first part of the Ragini MMS Returns sequel introduces a young college student and her pals. They are unaware that the college has been cursed by a spirit. Many men who got slept with her have died at the hands of that demon. You can enjoy this fantastic show. There are a lot of exciting and terrifying scenes in Ragini MMS Returns, so you won’t get distracted. it is one of the scariest horror web series on Alt Balaji.


A new prisoner at a military detention facility shocks the interrogators’ entire globe because he appears to be under the sway of a supernatural force. Young investigator Nida, who is driven to unravel the mystery, discovers that the new prisoner is under the control of a ghoul. The subsequent shocking and scary occurrences will frighten you. It’s undoubtedly one of the top Hindi horror web series available on Netflix.


A family is described in Tantra as being held captive by a malicious exorcism. An affluent family named the Khannas moves into their dream home, Jalsa, only to fall prey to the abhorrent tantric practice. The House itself is the adversary; its uncanny effects make the place inhabitable only as a nightmare for the people who live there. The brave daughter of the Khanna family, Niyati, stands out as the individual who can defeat evil and defend her family from evil spells.


On Netflix, there is a horror, drama, and thriller web series. The kids and the hunted house are the main topics of discussion when discussing the story. The three young characters in the novel had an obsession with scary stories and want to see and experience them. They established a tiny group known as “the ghost club.” They began their expedition to see the spirits after Sameera, the ghost club’s leader, obtained a book about spirit tales. The Bardez Villa was a spooky place. One family moved there. The typewriter and the book “The Ghost of Sultanpur” are central to the storyline.


What happens when the person you trust is someone you could never have dreamed of? It sounds terrible, and we can assure you that this Indian horror web series uses this idea to craft its storyline in a way that will leave you perplexed and frightened at varying stages. The plot of the show centers on a woman who takes refuge in his friend, who is simply pretending to be concerned for her, after becoming harassed by supernatural forces. The scariest horror web series available in Hindi on Voot, without a doubt.


Bhram is a web series that will keep you interested and fascinated with its compelling plot that ups the excitement and horror with every new episode. It is one of the finest crime drama horror programs ever produced in India. The PTSD-afflicted woman who is passionate about disclosing sinister hidden facts is the focus of the Indian horror web series on Zee5.


This terrifying miniseries on Netflix has delivered something never before witnessed by Indian viewers on the tiny screen. The scary program centers on a group of highway workers charged with evicting the indigenous people. However, they encounter a powerful curse as well as a legion of British undead. Doesn’t that seem puzzling? check it out.

Ghost Stories

The Netflix series is a collection of four different stories where first is about an aged woman who believes to be tormented by her ex-lover; the second is about a pregnant lady who is expecting an evil spirit; the third is laid in a ghostly village in which all of the grown-ups have transformed into zombies, and the fourth is set in a wealthy family townhouse where Eve has managed to turn into a ghost. Each of these 4 stories is a different horror web series in Hindi, and they are all directed by highly renowned filmmakers.

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