8 best women’s traditional wear for a perfect festive look

To all beautiful women, wearing Indian clothing enhances your charm. Your body is artfully tailored, giving you the ideal appearance. Indian clothing comes in a variety of styles that go far beyond the traditional saree and suit.

The wonderful thing about traditional Indian women’s attire is that it enhances every woman’s grace and beauty, regardless of their age. It is now time to fill your Indian fashion collection with some gorgeous traditional wear dresses that will help you create a stunningly stylish look as the wedding and festive season is around the corner.

Here are the basic ethnic traditional wear pieces that every girl needs in her closet

Sharara suit

Sharara suit for girls

A classical sharara salwar suit is the ideal choice when looking for the perfect Indian attire. Among the most elegant and in-demand ethnic outfits from India that women adore wearing at every special & ceremonial occasion is the exquisite sharara salwar kameez. Additionally, this heavily embellished sharara salwar kameez is among the most liked and comfy attire, with a vintage tint of style and elegance, and is adorned with unique patterns and ornaments.

Lehenga choli

Lehenga choli traditional wear

A long, full skirt, a typically shorter choli, and scarves or dupattas make up this outfit. It has its roots in the Mughal period and continues to be a favorite among women still. In addition to the saree, which you can wear to formal events like weddings, this is among the most popular styles of Indian clothing. The choli, dupatta, and skirts’ designs, patterns, and fabric needlework have evolved in recent years. Lehenga skirts are increasingly being worn with crop tops, button-up blouses, and other tops nowadays.

Anarkali suit

Anarkali suit

Most women’s closets have an elegant and charming Anarkali suit. Some people choose to purchase a simpler version of the Anarkali suit while others find it to be flimsy and colorful. Anarkali might make you appear thinner if the suit is well-fitted. It may make you appear stunning therefore, the attractive Anarkali suit is a must-have fashion item that creates the ideal traditional wear look.

Designer gowns

Designer traditional gowns

Designer ethnic gowns are yet another classic clothing option with a contemporary twist that can enhance your inner beauty and grace. They are floor-length, flowing garments made of delicate fabrics with royal patterns. These trendy ethnic dresses come in a variety of fabrics, including chiffon, georgette, silky, velvet, rayon, and more. They are the perfect fusion of Indian and contemporary cultures.


Silk sarees

Silk sarees

Every festive occasion in India is grand and elegant. In light of this, no woman can ignore the allure and sophistication of antique silk sarees. These elegant silk sarees have been incredibly popular in recent years, and practically every woman enjoys showing off her silk saree wardrobe at various gatherings. Additionally, each Indian state offers a unique variation of silk fabric. To make a stunning entrance at any marriage and festive celebration, you can always select from a large selection of silky textiles, such as Maharashtrian Paithni silk saree and Banarasi saree, and so on.

Churidar with Kurta

Churidar with Kurta- traditional wear

Frock-style Kurtis or other Kurtis, like A-line, front-cut, skinny, and medium-length Kurtis, can be worn with churidar. The term “churidar” refers to trousers that are longer than the height of the legs and bend at the ankles to resemble bangles (churi). Another Rajput-era outfit, this one was popular among Pakistani Punjabi ladies before to partition. It is now again in trend and is the favorite traditional wear of women at cultural events.

Palazzo suit

Palazzo suit

How is it possible that an ethnic palazzo suit is not on the list? Next in our collection is a stunning palazzo suit, which is both in high demand and trend. A long Kurti worn with palazzo trousers always gives the outfit a stronger ethnic vibe. Simply put on a pair of comfortable, loose-fitting palazzo pants to head to a gathering.

Dhoti pants

Dhoti pants

Dhoti pants are among the best modern developments. The women are purchasing it in large quantities and various colors and prints appear to be in the splendor of it. It is a fascinating costume that is quite easy to wear. Nothing compares to it when accessorized with a large embellished neckpiece and paired with a semi-long Kurti! To look stunning, pair your dhoti outfit with classic juttis.

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