8 Best Punjabi Movies on Netflix to binge watch right away

Punjabi movies are the ideal choice for cheerful entertainment that offers rich storylines and engaging star-studded acts. Punjabi movies are fun to watch because of their immersing quality that will keep you entertained to the utmost. They range from comedy to romance to intense dramas.

When you have nothing to watch on the weekends, it might get very boring, but thanks to us, that won’t be the case. Therefore this time, we’re here to inform you of several Punjabi movies that are accessible online. As a result, we have compiled a list of the Netflix movies with the highest IMDB ratings that you should watch. So, relax and read this post.

Scroll down to know the best Punjabi movies on Netflix to binge-watch this weekend:

Guddiyan Patole

A tale of two girls who are compelled to return to their Indian ancestral home in order to attend a momentous event. They travel to the home of their maternal grandparents where they begin to rebuild relationships and repair wounds. It’s one of those endearing Punjabi movies that will occasionally cause you to weep and occasionally make you chuckle. Gurnaam Bhullar, Sonam Bajwa, Tania, and other actors are featured in this relationship drama movie.


This Netflix Punjabi rom-com, which stars Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta, is fantastic. Additionally, the film was recognized as Best Movie at the PTC Punjabi Movie Awards. The tale of Shivjit and Bani is the focal point of the film. To reunite with Bani’s ex-boyfriend, they pose as a couple. however, when they wind up falling in love with each other, everything drastically changes. This angst-filled film will send your sentiments on a roller coaster experience.

Bhaji in Problem

This comedy movie, in which Gippy Grewal and Ragini Khanna play Jeeta and Preet, centers on Sundeep, Preet’s brother, who is wedded to two women at the same time. Since the women are unaware of one another, turmoil results when Jeeta, who is aware of this fact, reaches Sundeep’s life. As a result of Jeeta and Preet’s desire for the wedding and their shared feelings for one another, a comedy of misunderstandings in which both parties learn the other’s darkest secrets unfolds. One of the finest Punjabi movies on Netflix is Bhaji in Problem, which you definitely must watch.


In the upbeat film Sardaarji, Diljit Dosanjh plays the effervescent ghost hunter Jaggi, who is responsible for chasing away a spirit in London. However, when he ends up feeling head over heels in love with a ghost, things go horribly wrong and turn chaotic! Make doubly sure to have a big bucket of popcorn handy when you are watching the screen because you will undoubtedly break out in fits of laughing! One of the funniest Punjabi movies ever to be available on Netflix is certainly Sardaarji.


The story of this moving Punjabi film is about the lifestyle of Asees, a little kid who leads an excellent life and enjoys a positive bond with his mother. However, when the panchayat divides his family’s property on a fine day, Asees decides to take action to protect his mother’s land. Rana Ranbir is the film’s writer and director. But what happens next did he succeed? check it out to learn the answers!

Thug Life

This satire about four pals who swindle others to get quick money is a classic hilarious film on Netflix. They soon discover a scheme and quickly get themselves into trouble while attempting to climb out of it. They continue to spiral, though, and are classified as terrorists. further, their buddies attempt to prove their innocence and face justice while maintaining a sense of humor. One of the funniest Punjabi movies available on Netflix is Thug Life.

High-End Yaariyaan

This Punjabi film is a tale of friendship and love. Three men from Punjab are struggling to survive while living overseas. The tale also illustrates the intricate issues that their companionship and relationships face. Jassi Gill, Ranjit Bawa, Ninja, and other actors make up the members of the cast.

Marriage Palace

The story of Nimma, a villager who gives up everything to marry Pammi, who hails from the same village, is told in the movie Marriage Palace by Sunil Thakur. His spouse was substituted for another person’s bride during their wedding ceremony in a marriage hall; the tale of how he managed to somehow get her again is amusing. this is one of the funniest Punjabi movies to binge this weekend.

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