8 best and safe places in India for solo girl’s trips

Ladies, confess it! Now and then, we all yearn to escape our daily activities and get away from the people around us to discover ourselves within the most beautiful scenery of nature. We die to spend quality time with ourselves yet having some of the most outstanding individuals in our lives, allowing us to fall in love with ourselves. There isn’t anything better for such spirits than a solo vacation tour. You are seldom wrong for having a solo journey, regardless of your age. These are simply a few best places that are safe to travel to in India for female solo travelers that you might like to explore on your own!

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Hampi- safe places in India for girls trip

If you enjoy history and objects from a bygone era, Hampi in Karnataka is the place to visit. The town of Hampi is home to several old temples and architecture from the Vijayanagara Empire, and its grandeur will captivate you. The beautiful Virupaksha Temple, situated close to Hampi bazaar on the side of the Tungabhadra, dates from the seventh century. At Hampi, you may take a coracle boat trip, see the spectacular sunrise from the ruins, and go shopping at the local stores which are favorite things of every woman.


You must visit Rishikesh at least once as a solitary traveler, whether for a meditation retreat, adventurous activities, or simply tranquility. Rishikesh is quite a safe place for girls’ solo trips.   Apart from the well-known grandeur of the Ganga and the Garhwal Mountains, you will encounter friendly people who will provide you with the finest life experiences possible. Don’t overlook the ‘ashrams’ in this area. Try to study the technique of meditation and yoga so that you can carry anything useful back with you.


Munnar greenery and tranquility

Munnar in Kerala is one of the nation’s most quiet and beautiful destinations. It is famous for its mist-covered hills, lush tea plantations and spices farms, babbling rivers, beautiful waterfalls, twisting pathways, wildlife preserves, and so much more. It is the ideal location to unwind and rest alone among the lush foliage. This hill station is situated in Kerala’s Idukki district, and the residents who live here are known to be trustworthy and hardworking. This is one of the safe places for girls’ solo trips.


Amritsar to travel with your girls

Amritsar is one of my favorite places in north India and, in my opinion, one of the safe places for solo trips in India for female travelers. Amritsar is a wonderful respite from some of India’s major towns, and you can easily spend a few days here absorbing the ambiance at the Golden Temple and savoring the langar meal offered for all – prepared in the amazing kitchen of the Gurudwara here. Amritsar is also an excellent spot for foodies, with its specialty of delicious chole bhature, as well as history buffs, with many historical buildings.

The Golden Triangle comprised of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.

Jaipur is a cultural joy for visitors who want to spend a few days on their own. This historic site includes numerous monuments and attractions to visit for days. Agra is a culturally different location that is famed for fun, sightseeing, and cityscapes. Delhi is great for those looking for urban adventure, historic monuments, and modern luxuries like cafes and partying. The Golden Triangle, one of Northern India’s best-known tours, is made up of these three sites. This is also one of the more safe options for female solo trips wishing to immerse themselves in the culture of the area. This route is best visited during the winter.


If you’re planning a single trip, the charming French Quarter in Pondicherry is an excellent option. The charming houses in soft pastel shades, clean lines, and beautiful cafés out over here will undoubtedly capture your heart. SO, you can even pose in your most fashionable dresses on the lovely streets to capture the greatest images for your Instagram feeds, or you can rest on the Promenade shoreline.



You don’t need somebody to party with in Goa; the place will provide you with plenty of possibilities. So pack your belongings and come to India’s finest party location. The strange lifestyle and dirt-cheap drinks give you plenty of reasons to go crazy and party all night. If you’re not in the desire to party, Goa is nevertheless a must-see for its off-the-beaten-path attractions. Moreover, you can also visit Goa’s undiscovered beaches, off-the-beaten-path treks, water activities to test your skills, and the lively flea markets, cruises, and casinos. You simply cannot get enough of this location. Because the culture here is foreign-like, it is also safe for female solo travelers.

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