7 Effective ways to control anger & Stay Calm

Whenever somebody cuts you off through traffic, do you become defensive? When your child creates noise, does your blood flow fumes? or when anything doesn’t go according to plan? When you are unable to control your anger, you may say regrettable things, rage at your children, provoke coworkers, send reckless emails, experience health issues, or even turn to physical aggression. But not all cases of anger problems are that severe.

Keeping yourself cool doesn’t include never getting mad. Rather, it entails learning healthy and constructive strategies to identify, manage, and release your anger. Everyone can learn how to handle their anger. There is always space for improvement, however, if you believe you have got your anger in check.

ways to manage anger

Signs of Anger:

  • Grinning crazily
  • Sweating
  • Thumping heartbeat
  • Tightly defined chest
  • Restlessness, agitation, and banging of the feet
  • Clinched jaws and fists
  • Shaking
  • Feeling uneasy
  • Speaking louder
  • Being hasty or hostile
  • Experiencing a “flash” of negativity
  • Being too harsh with someone or coming out as confrontational

Here are effective ways to control your anger problems:

Know the cause

Many times, anger is just a secondary feeling to pain, sorrow, loss, anxiety, or fear; anger frequently conceals other emotions. Since many people find rage to be simpler to manage than other sentiments, it practically acts as a protection mechanism. Consider whether you express a variety of emotions or whether you might be repressing feelings you think you “can’t control” or “aren’t permitted” to feel. Knowing the cause will enable you to control your anger.

Mentally run away

Simply close your eyes, enter a calm environment, and practice picturing yourself in a peaceful setting. Consider specifics in the fictitious scene, such as the color of the water. Which peaks are the tallest? What music do the hummingbirds make? You can achieve peace despite your anger by using this technique.

Take part in some exercise.

Workout can help you deal with anger in time since it releases endorphins that can cool you down and gives you a stress reducer for your rage. But keeping up a consistent exercise routine can also assist you in controlling your moods more generally.

Chat with a Buddy

Talking through a problem or expressing your emotions to someone who makes you feel calmer could be beneficial. But it’s crucial to remember that ranting sometimes backfires. Grumbling over all the apparent wrongs you’ve experienced, bitching and moaning about your horrible boss, or listing all the grounds you don’t like somebody could ignite the flames. It’s a frequent misperception that you need to let off some heat to feel better.

Pre-meditated words

It’s simple to speak something which you’ll eventually regret when you’re under the control of anger. Before you speak, take a few seconds to gather your thoughts. Permit others who are involved in the issue to do so as well.

Recite counting till 100

This one appears to be rather simple, but it is very effective to control your anger. You can prevent exploding a fuse by diverting your thoughts for 1 min to something else. It provides you some time to collect your emotions and mind before moving forward.

Talk less and enjoy music

When you’re upset, you might be inclined to let your temper flare, but you’re more likely to hurt yourself than help. Like when you were a child, make out that your lips are taped shut. It will give you the opportunity to gather your emotions if you wait a bit before speaking. Allow the music to distract you from your emotions. Incorporate earplugs or sneak away to your car. Turn up your favorite music and let out some steam by sashaying, bopping, or humming.

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