6 best Italian restaurants in Delhi that serve exquisite Italian cuisine.

We tend to confine our Italian food summaries to pasta and pizza. We do, however, adore both. However, the Italian community in Delhi has permanently expanded past pasta and pizza. The capital has emerged as a new destination for a wide variety of Italian dishes, attracting foodies of all stripes. Delhi has some amazing Italian restaurants for you, bringing many levels to the Italian flavor, whether you adore Italian cuisine or are a novice seeking to experience the dish.

Therefore, we are here to help you out if you’re looking for the top Italian restaurants in Delhi. We have identified eateries that will provide you with classic Italian cuisine, lavish wine choices, and extensive selections.

let’s begin our delicious journey to Delhi’s top six Italian restaurants:

 Jamie’s Italian  

Jamie’s Italian  

For admirers of the famous chef, visiting Jamie Oliver’s Italian Joint in Vasant Kunj, Ambience Mall is a requisite. This setting is ideal for a carefree date or casual outing with friends because of the exposed ceilings and booth seating. Additionally, the restaurant is reasonably priced, especially when compared to many of its competitors. For an appetizer, try Jamie’s Big Five Salad; for the main course, consider the Classic Pepperoni Pizza. There is no need to fear for vegetarians since they can choose from the Penne Arrabiata and Pesto Genovese Pizza. Try the Epic Chocolate Brownie and the Mocha Chocolate Mousse if you’re in the mood to indulge.

Big Chill

Big Chill classic Italian pasta

Looking for somewhere to hang out with your college friends? Big Chill is where you should be. Big Chill, which is decorated with vibrant hues of orange, green, and pale cream as well as retro Hollywood posters, has long been regarded as one of Delhi’s best Italian eateries. It is challenging to choose just one or two dishes from the gastronomic treat on offer. But these are a few of our favorites: pizza with sausage, penne alla martini, and chicken in red wine sauce. However, how could we neglect to highlight the mouthwatering sweets that this restaurant has prepared for you? You’ll be transported to paradise with their Blueberry Cheesecake and Cocoa Decadence. It is near Khan Market, DLF Place Mall, and Kailash Colony.

Diva, The Italian restaurant

Diva, The Italian restaurant

Visit Diva if you want to sample Ritu Dalmia, one of India’s most well-known professional chefs, and her exquisite Italian delicacies in Greater Kailash. You can never go mistaken for this restaurant because of the wonderful flavors and meals. You must try their Gorgonzola apples walnut pizza with a sip of “Till Death,” salsiccia-filled ravioli, and risotto. You will be charmed by the cozy lighting and the atmosphere at Diva as you delve into the depth of these delectable delicacies. It is perhaps the finest Italian restaurant in Delhi, with excellent food and a tasteful ambiance.

La Piazza

La Piazza

The search for the finest Italian cuisine in Delhi will undoubtedly lead you to La Piazza, a traditional Italian eatery. La Piazza is a must-visit restaurant because of the skill of Chef Alessandro Sandrolini, its enticing menu, and its extensive wine list. La Piazza may be the best option if you’re organizing a celebration dinner with friends or a romantic supper for two. The most well-liked meals provided here are the Bruschette Miste, Tenderloin Carpaccio, and Spaghetti Pasta. The house wine selection, the authentic olive oil, and certainly the mozzarella they provide are the best aspects of this place. It is located at New Delhi’s Hyatt Regency.


Tonino’s Italian cuisine

we cannot discuss Italian cuisine without mentioning this café. Tonino’s is renowned for its comfortable layout, classy furnishings, and open seating. However, this restaurant’s real Italian fare is what draws customers in. Their specialties are Caesar salad, mushroom Rav, and gluten-free pasta. And Tiramisu is a delicacy that everyone should try if they want to satisfy their sweet tooth. Tonino’s unquestionably delivers the greatest Italian in Delhi with a range of meals. It’s close to Andheria More Mehrauli.


Diggin Delhi

Diggin, which is popular among college students, frequently appears on Delhins’ Insta stories. The elegantly furnished Italian restaurant will let you fit in nicely, making it ideal for a relaxed dinner date or even an evening with friends. You may also choose their terrace sitting on one of the infrequent days in Delhi when the temperature isn’t miserable. Regarding the menu, we suggest ordering their Farmer’s Fresh Veggie and Rosemary Roasted Chicken (also a fantastic choice if you’re on a diet!).

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