6 best Bollywood movies by the hottest and gutsy actress Sunny Leone

An active figure in the Indian cinema business, Sunny Leone is an Indian-American model and actress who was born in Canada. Former porn star Sunny made her movie debut in 2012 with the Bollywood movie Jism 2. Later, she appeared in several films in Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and other languages. She performed in both item numbers and heroine roles. Additionally, her reality series like Splittsvilla were a big hit.

Sunny has a lot of devoted admirers and is among the most followed celebrities on social media. She truly reigns as the princess of heavenly beauty, as time has no bearing on her beauty. Her top Bollywood films are listed below.

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Ragini MMS 2 

Bhushan Patel directed the Indian romantic horror thriller, which Ekta Kapoor along with Shobha Kapoor co-produced. The actress featured in the 2014 follow-up to the 2013 horror film Ragini MMS, “Ragini MMS 2. The plot revolves around a director who seeks to film a sexy horror film in a home that, unbeknownst to him, is haunted by a demonic spirit. The lead actress’ body is already possessed by the spirit before the cast and crew even begin shooting.  With simply this movie, Sunny Leone not only raised the heat in many households, but she also solidified her status as Bollywood’s Baby Doll owing to the hit item song Baby Doll.

Jism 2

A spy agency hires Izna, a star of pornographic films, to lure Kabir, a feared murderer who was formerly her lover, in Jism2. When she develops feelings for officer Aayan Thakur, things become problematic. This 2012 follow-up to Jism marked Sunny’s Bollywood debut. Jism was a sexual murder mystery. In the movie, she co-starred with Arunoday Singh & Randeep Hooda. With this movie, Sunny was able to quickly raise the standard for eroticism in Bollywood.


The two spoiled young men Sunny Kele and Aditya Chothia, who are sex addicted, were the center of the drama. Once they meet sisters Lily and Laila, who cure sex addicts at their treatment center, their lives take a dramatic turn. Sunny Leone, who played two characters in this movie geared toward adults, also served as the focal point of the plot.  It’s a must-watch Bollywood comedy flick by Sunny leone.

One Night Stand

Sunny’s movie, which also had its premiere in 2016, is a hit amongst the spectators. The Director of the suspense-tragicomedy was Jasmine D’Souza. The plot centers on a married person who meets a woman at a business meeting and has a one-night fling with her before falling in love with her. His marital relationship and daily life are in danger of falling apart due to his infatuation with his mistress. One Night Stand is one of Sunny Leone’s greatest movies and has a distinctive plot.

Ek Paheli Leela

Sunny Leone plays the starring role in this 2015 film, which features a traditional Bollywood afterlife story. The plot involved Karan, a musician, learning that Shravan, who was murdered by Bhairao, an artist, 300 years back, is indeed him. To discover the cause, he journeys through his past. Numerous admirers were won over by Sunny’s stunning beauty and sizzling dance moves in the film. The soundtrack to the film was a huge success.


A fast-paced drama scam called Jackpot is entirely set in Goa and features wacky characters, witty one-liners, and a background of gambling boats. The movie jumps back and forth in time, depicting one Full Jhol monsoon in Goa. The participants in the con are playing cards. Who will become the Joker in the finale and who are the Aces? Jackpot features a unique plot and portrays the actress’s bold looks.

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