10 Best Romantic Web series to watch on OTT platforms

A feeling of love that is eternal, non-discriminatory, and selfless. It transcends all cultures and physical boundaries. Is it? It can be twisted, and complex, and provide you with a different, distinctive view of oneself at times. It makes you happy, it makes you cringe, but in the finale, it overwhelms you with an indescribable emotion that overflows your heart! and everyone enjoys the romance genre. Moreover, It is certainly a special delight to watch a pleasant, romantic, charming web series that makes us think about our loved ones. The Top 10 Romantic Web Series to Binge Watch with Your Partner in 2022 are listed in this post.

Scroll down the list of Romantic Web series to watch on OTT in 2022:

  1. Mismatched

Dimple Ahuja and Rishi Shekhawat are socially incompatible in the storyline of Mismatched. After already being introduced by their families, two teenagers develop a tenuous friendship at their summer school. When they collaborate on the development of an application, will they get close to one another? Watch the Netflix romantic comedy web series to figure it out.

  1. Broken but beautiful

Veer and Sameera are strangers with quite dissimilar mindsets. Their hearts were broken and destroyed when they lost the relationship they had thought would last eternally. The theme of the short story is heartbreak and how destiny arranges the beautiful love story of two shattered strangers.  When love gives two hurting individuals a second chance, a beautiful love story begins. Watch Siddarth Shukla’s farewell web series, which has a great plot, on ALT Balaji.

  1. Permanent Roommates

Tanya, a commitment-phobic character, and Mikesh, her overly zealous long-distance lover who moves back to India, are the subjects of Permanent Roommates. To amaze Tanya and propose marriage to her, he traveled from the US. Tanya rejects Mikesh’s marriage proposal despite advice from her roommate and her anxieties. The two choose to move in together after they reach an understanding. After the crisis, forgiveness, and Tanya’s pregnancy, the two decide to get married, which has surprising consequences. In this romantic web series available on SonyLiv and TvF Play, Indian love stories are reframed.


  1. College Romance

One of the most watched coming-of-age shows on SonyLIV produced two successful seasons, and a third one was just recently released. It demonstrates how three close friends seek romance, enjoyment, and some memorable moments while going to college altogether. The show does a great job of illustrating the conflict between romance and friendship.

  1. ImMature

Three teenagers who are seeking to become mature are the subjects of the series ImMature. The three students leave away their childhood during their last school years and experience their first alcohol, first fight, and first failed relationship. How beautifully and innocently they commit mistakes is worth a watch on MX player.

  1. Little things

Love doesn’t necessarily have to involve extravagant words and gestures! This is the main theme of the romantic web series of Dice Media. It’s like witnessing every urban relationship ever when you watch Dhruv and Kavya’s tender love tale. Their sour-sweet arguments and passion are very endearing! A sentimental online series in Hindi that highlights the little things that matter in a relation.

  1. It’s Not That Simple

What solution would you knock? A perfect affair or a miserable wedding? It’s not that easy, is it? This swoon-worthy Voot web series illustrates just what would happen when a wedding becomes a terrible burden. every episode will leave you wondering and engrossed.

  1. Baarish

If you’re looking for Indian romantic web series, Baarish is one you absolutely must add to your queue. Anuj and Gauravi are total strangers with utterly dissimilar cultural and economical origins. Anuj’s Years of hard work pay off as he builds his own successful business. Gauravi, in contrast, hand, is from a middle-class family that places a high priority on education. They are tied together in a contractual relationship by an impromptu wedding arranged by their respective families. You must watch the show to find out what happens in the end.

  1. All About Section 377

The phrase “We fear what we don’t comprehend” has never been more fitting than it is in this amazing Indian mini-series by The Creative Gypsy. A homophobe winds up sharing a home with two gay roommates. however, It will be interesting to see how they interact and also how his fear evolves in the end. This shows a new genre of love.

  1. Never kiss your best friend

In the opening episode of the show, 27-year-old Tanie Brar is initially shown spending her weekends in a pub with her boring boss merely again for a free drink, not because she leads a prosperous life. But when she bumps into Sumer Singh Dhillon, her former best friend, things start to take a twist. Awesome romantic web series available on ZEE5.

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