10 best Hollywood romantic movies on Netflix to watch with your better half

Looking for a romantic tale? From rom-coms to somber tragedies to something a touch hotter, we’ve compiled the top romance films now available on Netflix. There are many contemporary films to watch out for, but there are also several true classics, prize-winners, and box office successes in the mix thanks to Netflix’s recent focus on its own unique romance material. So again without extra hassle, sit in for the traditional romance movie rhythms of meet-cutes, public declarations of affection, dirty tactics, romantic things, slow dances, temptations, and more with the best Hollywood romantic movies on Netflix.

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The Notebook

The Notebook is a sprawling epic about Noah and Allie that has become one of the biggest romantic successes since Titanic. It is told from the viewpoint of an older Noah as he reads from his journal of recollections. Having crossed paths as North Carolina teenagers in various schools, they shared a momentous summer before being torn away by Allie’s parents and World War II. But the romance persisted. it is one of the best Hollywood romantic movies on Netflix.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Contrary to popular belief, Crazy, Stupid, Love places much less emphasis on being “stupid.” Even if the plot is impossible to decipher logically (and why would you? ), it makes some strong statements about truthfulness, body issues, and social expectations. Crazy, Stupid, Love comprehends why it’s so challenging to find a genuine relationship in the modern world without descending into drama. It is based on how relationships are doing in the real world.

Love & Gelato

Love & Gelato is a charming rom-com that is inspired by the best-selling book by Jenna Evans Welch. In the film, Lina (Susanna Skaggs) travels to Rome over vacation before entering college. The movie uses a lot of the genre’s favorite love triangles! Insta-love! It’s as lovely as its name, a never-ending bestie who always has your back. One of the top romantic Hollywood films available on Netflix is Love & Gelato.

Our Souls at Night

Great romances don’t always begin with love; perhaps, it’s about friendship. In this movie, Jane Fonda and Robert Redford play neighbors who begin sharing a bed – platonically —to avoid feeling lonely. But does anything more substantial emerge? Watch this rom-com on Netflix to find out everything that happens.

The Kissing Booth

If you haven’t watched this hilariously outrageous Netflix original about a high school student (Joey King) who has a crush on her closest friend’s brother, you haven’t experienced anything (played by Euphoria star Jacob Elordi). To figure out how a kissing booth fits into this, you’ll have to see, but I promise it’s worth it. It is one of the best three parts romantic Hollywood films on Netflix that depicts teen romance and its issues.


This is modeled on a Neil Gaiman book and features lots of spirits, witches, and pirates for those who want their stories with a hint of magic, ala The Royal Bride. In it, a boy named Tristan swears to rescue a star that has died for his true love, only to discover that the star has changed into a girl.

Been So Long

In one of Netflix’s sexiest films, a single mum encounters a beautiful stranger on the city’s streets one evening who forces her to reevaluate her views on life, marriage, and previous relationships. the finest rom-com ever Netflix can stream it.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

The main attraction in Doug Liman’s entertaining, expertly-directed action drama about married agents who are instructed to murder one another is their intense connection. Among the highest-profile pairings in Hollywood memory, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been portrayed in Netflix rom-com with a unique storyline.

Malcolm and Marie

This viral project follows a couple as they discover the realities of their love in actual time and a small space; it has the feeling of a play. Zendaya and John David Washington are its leads, and they are both blazingly hot and gorgeous to the point where sparks fly off the screen.

No strings attached

The story revolves around Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher), longtime acquaintances, who develop a sexual relationship. The new partners agree to keep things just sexual, without arguing, jealousy or hopes out of fear that it will destroy their friendship. As long as they don’t fall in love, Emma and Adam swear to do anything they please, wherever they choose. So the issue is, who will crumble first? it is one of the best Hollywood romantic movies on Netflix.

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